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Just read about this on Foobooz and I am siked! Donuts, Chicken and Coffee courtesy of Stumptown Coffee, Michael Solomov and Felicisa D'Ambrosia joint venture. Down in the 2nd and Federal area of South Philly, which makes me drool just knowing I'll be a few short blocks away. Opening this summer....

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  1. I'm excited too! I hate how there are so few choices for doughnuts in Philly so this will hopefully be a welcome addition.

    1. Killing two food trends with one stone. Sounds gimmicky to me but will likely be delicious as well.

      1. any new info on this? I've been googling a bit and no firm date aside from "summer"? I guess I'm mainly wondering if anyone has passed by and seen the progress... hoping it will be open for a friend's birthday in a couple of weeks, but that might be wishful thinking.

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          No idea but definitely not in a couple weeks.

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            it was mentioned in Craig Laban's chat with Michael Solomov on May 17, but no specifics date wise there either

            1. So has anyone been yet? I'm not really concerned about the donuts, I just care about the chicken. Any good?

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                Well they do not start selling the chicken until noon, and yesterday they sold out in under two hours. Basically the same today. Take a look at their facebook page and their website for a description of the chicken and the donuts.

              2. The donuts are apparently great. I am not a sweet eater but the chow spouse is . Tried the honey almond donut today and said it made traffic on the schuylkill expressway bareable!

                1. my coworker was nice enough to trek from the Fairmount section to Queen Village last week to pick up a couple dozen donuts to bring in
                  WOW, the flavors are amazing
                  he said that Solomonov was handing out samples of fresh, warm donuts to the people standing in line
                  by the time he got there, nearly all the "fancy" donuts were already gone
                  he did manage to snag 4 chocolate raspberry ones I didn't have one, I heard they were "OMG" good!
                  I was impressed that the 'sugar' donuts were not too sweet, I tried the Indian Cinnamon and appalonia, both were fantastic.
                  Complex flavors coating a perfect donut (not too "cakey" not too heavy)
                  wake up early and go give them a try... you won't regret it!

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                      not yet and considering the hours and distance I probably won't know until/unless I decide to skip a day of work and head over myself

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                        Craig Laban mentioned the chicken in his weekly "chat" it was in today's Inquirer

                    2. Was able to sample of few yesterday and was extremely dissapointed, so much so that I had to spit them out. Unbearably grease laden and heavy. One can see the cake soaked through with oil. Instead of a BBQ smoke ring, it was a donut oil ring.

                      1. Just bit into my Chili Garlic glazed chicken. The taste was nice- just enough spice to tingle my tongue. The texture- more like a wet towel. The crunchiness of the chicken is lost in the glaze- kind of like my dignity while i waited in line. The dude was giving out numbers and said i could only order one whole or a half portion per person- that's it. He said he had to be "fair." Since when is capitalism "fair?" Sell me the freakin' chicken. However, now that i've had a taste, I realize he actually did me a favor. Im not saying it tastes bad- because it doesnt. Im saying that it's not bad fried chicken for 2nd and Federal/South Philly. There are MUCH better fried chicken places in the city that dont come with the hype, the wait, and the little post-it notes with numbers. You cant just fry chicken and call it good "fried chicken." There is an expectation when someone says, "you want some fried chicken?" And that expectation includes... a nice textured coating, some fundamental seasonings, the perfect amount of juicyness in every bite... and it most definitely includes a biscuit, some cornbread and a side of anything (Federal doesnt serve collards, yams, biscuits- just chicken and donuts). So overall, I recommend you try it. It'll make you appreciate some West Philly joints a lot better. Try Roost in University City- now that is some nice friend chicken- and it comes with a biscuit.

                        1. coming to Philly on Saturday for a conference so the natural thing for me to do is to sneak out and go to Federal Donut. Question, Do they do Fried chicken on Saturday for lunch? Also i heard rumors that I could preorder the "fancy" donuts, is this true?

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                            Definitely do chicken for lunch on Sats, in fact they do more chicken on weekends and are open later on Sat and Sunday.

                            Don't know about the pre-order. You might contact them via their Facebook page.

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                              Hi Jester 99. Let me know what you think of Federal Donuts. Im curious and taking an informal survey. thanks!

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                                went there on Saturday around 10am. All the fancy donuts were still there. I think they were only okay. I got one of each of whatever they had. The fancy donuts are very dense and sway on the verge of being dry but the glazes were all good. The fresh donuts are made to order and are very good, light and fluffy and pretty much should be eatten right then and there.

                                I went back later for the fried chicken and was lucky to get a seat. I tried the glazed chili garlic and the dry za'atar. The glazed was by far the superior one and was done up, Korean fried chicken style. Not better than Bonchon/Momofuku but it was good. The za'atar spice was great on the chicken. You get a honey donut (premade) and a side of pickles with each other.

                                btw, a ticket=one order=half a chicken=4 pieces

                                some reason this concept was way to hard for people to understand haha.