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Mar 10, 2011 03:23 AM

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Just recently visited Jose Ignacio in Uruguay, which is famed as a destination for the South American jet set. The place is bursting with charm, amazing beaches and wonderful villas.
Hotel - Posada Arenas de Jose Ignacio, wonderful family run hotel.
Restaurant - Sarava, best meal in South America

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  1. Love Uruguay, definite for anyone visiting South America. Sarava is IMHO the best restaurant in Punta Del Este.
    If you are a fan of Kite Surfing Jose Ignacio is the place to go too.

    1. MIrasmo gets my Jose Ignacio vote...but I haven't been to Francis Mallman's Garzon set up yet. I hear that is the tops.

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        Marismo is a lovely garden setting but I found the food to be the same as almost every other restaurant in Uruguay, pretty basic. Namm has a good menu, Francis Mallman's Garzon is very nice, but for a dining experience nothing comes close to Sarava, it is far superior to any other place in town for me. All in all there is something for everyone in Jose Ignacio...

      2. Francis Mallman's Garzon is a lovely dining experience. Lunch there a few months ago was memorable. It is a bit of a drive from Jose Ignacio though.

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          Yes quite a drive on dirt roads but worth it, I would go back for sure..

        2. Garzon was great though expensive. I also enjoyed La Huella. Basic, grilled seafood but quite delicious.

          1. LOVE Uruguay! I only went for 1 day and was actually there to shoot a segment for a food show on the Cooking Channel. We went to Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio and it was UNREAL. They have this MASSIVE open BBQ room that was decorated with graffiti all over the walls and an amazing circular wood burning grill in the center of the room. The chef, who was a total hipster, cooked up some fish, blood sausage, rib eye, lamb, and pork sausage that was soooo tasty. I would HANDS DOWN recommend it to anyone going to Jose Ignacio. Beyond the food, the space is just soooo cool. We also went to their beach location - Playa Vik - and it was really nice, but did not have the culinary appeal like the ranch does.

            Caitlin Zaino