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Mar 10, 2011 02:30 AM

Where is the best place to have Bouillabaisse between these 3 places in Nice?


Where is the best place to have Bouillabaisse between these 3 places?

L'Anne Rouge
Les Pecheurs
Bacon (Cap D'Antibes)

Last year I have been to Les Viviers, I would say it is fairy OK but not that impressive... so this time I have a chance to return to Nice again, so please give me some advice for these 3 choices.

Thank you.


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  1. None of them are as good as Tétou. Bacon is almost as good, but fancier and harder to get to. You can take the train from Nice to Golfe Juan for Tétou.

    I don't think that Les Pêcheurs has a real bouillabaisse, but I haven't been there for a while.

    I think that you need to order it in advance at L'Ane Rouge. It is a good fish restaurant, but, like Les Viviers, they don't have the volume in bouillabaisse to do it as well as Tétou..

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      You do have to order ahead for Bouillabaisse (and also Bourride) at L'Ane Rouge. Never had the Bouillabaisse,t here, always, only Bourride, which is magical.

      Haven't been to Tetou, but loved the Bouillabaisse at Bacon.

    2. Of your list and Beaulieu's addition, the only one l have been too was Bacon and it was perfect.

      1. Bear in mind that Bouillabaisse is not a Nicois dish... nothing in Nice will compare to Fonfon in Marseille... That's the home of great bouillabaisse.