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Mar 10, 2011 12:30 AM

What weeds are you eating?

I just had a dandelion salad with raspberry vinaigrette, apple, and sorrel. I plan on picking some wild onions and thistles on my day off. Anyone else eating things they're supposed to poison and hate?

If it sounds weird/interesting/morbidly fascinating/like a good idea check out the Steve Brill's site:
Weeds growing at home, work, the park, the forest, the highway median, school, or your neighbor's house might be edible and even tasty.

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  1. I bought a pot of red-ribbed dandelion last year at FM and it's still growing strong in a larger pot that stuff! I also have some portulaca that I enjoy now and then. CAUTION: on weeds growing around schools/parks etc., they might be sprayed with chemicals and/or subject to dog-walking...just sayin' so folks might excercise restraint there.

    1. My yard's still under two feet of snow, so I'm not eating anything. But I usually eat dandelion greens, mustard buds, and Japanese Knotweed shoots. This year I'm gonna try embryonic dandelion flowers, because Bittman says they're good. I've tried goutweed and clover. Not great.

      I second the comment about being aware of pesticides and pet waste. Then again, animals crap in my vegetable garden, and I just throw the poo away and make sure I wash all my veggies really well.

      1. Mustard greens. The dandelion and arugula are too piquant for me.

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          WHAT??!!! You find mustard greens not piquant? Well, okay...mustard greens give me an awesome noseburn similar to you not taste that also? (everyone's palate is different!)...I also love them! Hell, I love everything, it seems...had fresh dill in an herb mix I bought on sale once...loved it so much in my salad that I also planted some fresh dill. Thanks Jaykayen!

        2. I can't say that I've enjoyed any of the weeds I've bought dandelion is OK in a saute, but the stuff I pick from my lawn goes straight to my tortoises. Purslane, which is so highly touted, tastes godawful to me. The one weed which I love, and I haven't had it since my college days, is stinging nettle. My roommate and I used to harvest it by the road side.

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            Purslane=portulaca...I'm pretty sure...I couldn't think of the word Purslane but I remember my dad who loved plants showing me portulaca in our yard in NJ. Thanks Eric!

          2. I'm a big fan of sorrel, both wild (sheep sorrel) and my own garden-grown large leaf.