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Mar 9, 2011 07:11 PM

Roadtrip across the South - Where to eat?

I'm in the process of planning a more-or-less free form roadtrip through the South, and am looking for advice on food destinations along the way. We're up for pretty much anything, but with a bent towards the diner/street food/inexpensive genre - certainly don't need to be meccas; lesser known places in smaller towns would be more than welcome (we'll be camping most of the way). The route will read something like - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and then into Virginia. If there are specific older posts that I should take a look at, let me know! Thanks!

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  1. You will find some of the best food in MS in the Delta. Here's a link to visiting the Delta. Click on dining. You should head N from Baton Rouge, LA on # 61 and stop in Natchez, MS, Vicksburg, MS, Greenville, MS, Greenwood, MS, Clarksdale, MS and Oxford, MS for the best eats.Go to Old Country Store in Lorman for good country food. It's on # 61. Rick's and Walnut Hills in Vicksburg are nice, Doe's Eat Place in Greenville is famous for steaks, Lusco's, Crystal Grill and Giardinia's are famous in Greenwood. Go to Ground Zero in Clarksdale and City Grocery in Oxford.

    Here's a link to Southern Dining. Click on Documentary and theOral History Project for good choices.

    1. If you are planning on camping in the Sipsey Wilderness Area (which I would strongly urge you to do, because its absolutely gorgeous and free.) Its not as beautiful in the summer because most of the waterfalls dry up - but there will still be a couple of swimming holes such as Kinlock Falls that will be running in the summer. (Kinlock Falls is a very popular swimming spot in warm weather.) Sipsey Wilderness is primitive camping only and the best locations require several miles of hiking. (Its not a real good place for car camping - though there are other spots in the area).

      The Sipsey Wilderness is an hour and a half drive north of Birmingham via I-65 or I-22. If you spend a night or two there you'll be very close to a couple of Alabama's best:

      Decatur is a forty-five minute drive to the north and you can eat at Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q - they're famous for the white bar-b-q sauce on their chicken.

      Cullman is forty-five minutes due east of the Sipsey Wilderness and you'll find All Steak. This is the place everyone in Cullman goes to eat after church services on Sunday - and they have been doing so for several generations. I've never had the steak.

      In Birmingham - I would suggest eating at Niki's West. Its a meat and three that is excellent example of down home Southern cooking with a Greek influence.

      All three of the restaurants I've listed are very reasonably priced - I would expect to spend between ten and fifteen bucks per person at these locations.

      Niki's West Steak and Seafood Restaurant
      233 Finley Ave W, Birmingham, AL 35204

      Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q
      1715 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35601

      All Steak Restaurant
      314 2nd Ave SW, Cullman, AL 35055

      1. Just 6 posts below is a ton of helpful info that Littleman and others gave for AL and MS.

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          I assume you will be in new orleans heres 3 great ones Parkway bakery and tavern for poboys, Brigtsens in the riverbend for great creole food, and K Pauls in the french quarter. If your heading into acadiana Brendas for soul food in New Iberia, Dupuys in abbeville, and Cafe Des Amis for the saturday morning live music zydeco breakfast in Breaux Bridge. check out the you must try boudin if in this area its great.

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            The OP may be in NO (probably posted on that board), not me. But I did eat at Brigsten's last visit and that was nice. Also really enjoyed Coops among others. I hope to zip into the eastern gulf portion of LA tho if you have any thoughts.

            And which city would people stay in, Gulfport or Biloxi? I don't care about casinos. Thanks.

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              If you don't care about casinos, try Ocean Springs. Stay as close to downtown as you can get...

        2. Go to Foley, Al. (on 59 So. off I 10 before Gulf Shores) and go to Lamberts - Home of the Throwed Rolls. It's a treat, as they actually throw the hot rolls to you. Good homestyle cooking and the prices are reasonable.