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Mar 9, 2011 06:58 PM

Do Anaheim peppers have any place in a basic beef chili? (Pot is on right now! Add or no?)

I am not a fan of that sort of stuffed-green-bell-pepper thing that happens and suddenly the whole dish is BELL PEPPER flavor.

Now that said, I do like Anaheims stuffed with cheese!

But that's beside the point because right now I have a pot of basic beef chili starting to simmer. And what I'm really wondering is if I should add one Anaheim or leave it the heck alone?

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  1. Yes, you have them use them. Roast them first. Experiment! Definitely roast.

    1. If your chili is flavorful enough, why bother? If I were going to use, I'd finely chop, saute in oo til nice and brown and then add or put on top when serving.

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        I like the use on top idea. OK, going to chop and roast half, saute the other, and experiment with a small portion.