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Mar 9, 2011 06:50 PM

Where can I find Poulet rouge or Redbro chickens and/or capons?

Is there a poultry Market In Montreal that sells these chickens?

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  1. Nobody wants to be the person to let this poor guy/gal down?

    Unfortunately poultry like Dairy (milk specifically) is a protected market, therefore no one can import foreign birds. Quotas are handed out to producers based on the markets needs. It's win/lose system in my opinion, it's got it's positives but the downside is anyone trying to get into poultry production has to shell out massive amounts for quotas which means very few new players ( i.e. new ideas) can enter the poultry market .

    I tried too I was really close to getting some bluefoot chickens and that fell through.

    The best I can recommend is to make nice with some farmers; you can get some really good birds that way, try some of the CSA farms.