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Mar 9, 2011 06:39 PM

Kemps hamburgers Hyannis Ma

In the late sixties there was a burger joint named Kemps near the air port in hyannis. A yellow building with black cow on top.Does any one remember or know any thing about the company I might have been eight years old or so there was'nt even a Mcdonalds on the Cape at that point!

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  1. It was a small chain. I know there was one in Worcester, at the corner of Park Ave and Pleasant. I think I remember one in NH as well. Maybe there were 10 or 12 locations at one time, but by the mid-70's they were all closed.

    1. Yup - the manager was (originally at least) Ray Cadden who eventually (after the Kemps chain tanked) wound up with his own grinder shop at the intersection of Center St & Barnstable Rd. (one side of what was then Cumberland Farms).

      Kemps was at the intersection of Ridgewood Rd & Iyannough Rd (Rt 28).
      It was a McDonalds "knock off" of sorts.
      I worked for Ray at Kemp's Hyannis on weekends during the winter of 1967-68 and returned to the Fish Shanty for the summer of 1968.

      - Doug Hageman

      1. I worked there weekends in the winter of 1968 - 1969
        Kemp's was a McDonald's knock off.
        The Hyannis store was managed by Ray Cadden who left and opened his own grinder/submarine shop around the corner and next to what was then Cumberland Farms #2250

        I wish I had a photo - but I don't.