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Mar 9, 2011 05:59 PM

Doubles at Singh's Roti Shop - Report

I went to Singh's Roti Shop tonight for the first time since 2005, possibly even 2004. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was able to order doubles, which are made fresh to order.

The doubles at Singh's Roti Shop were seriously good - a fresh, fluffy sandwich of fried dough, filled with chickpea curry, a dash of homemade hot sauce, and some sweet tamarind sauce. The hot sauce had a sweet scotch-bonnet flavor, and lots of heat.

My DC and I also shared a chicken roti, which was huge (plenty for the two of us). This was also good, but didn't stand out to me as much as the doubles. The vegetarian components of the roti were the most impressive bits - again, the chickpea curry, and also the green vegetable. I thought the chicken was okay, and the roti was not freshly made and was a bit dried out. Still, not bad. I think these might be a better bet at a time of day with more turnover. I also might try a veggie version next time - and I remember really liking the pumpkin back in 2005.

We also had a bottle of the sorrel juice, which is a very strong, dark purple brew. Very good and refreshing.

The doubles here are really worth it - this was one of the best things I've eaten in Boston since moving back here last fall.

I originally found out about this place thanks to Chowhound, but I haven't heard much about it recently, so I thought it was worth mentioning again!

Singh's Roti Shop
692 Columbia Rd Ste 1, Dorchester, MA 02125

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  1. Thanks for the great report DaveMP. My Trini wife and I both agree that Singh's has the best Doubles (As well as Pelau and Polourie) in the Boston area.

    On the Roti front I agree, nothing to write home about, try Ali's Roti at either location for an excellent Roti.

    Ali's Roti Restaurant
    1035 Tremont St, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

    1. I agree with you. Amazing doubles along with decent rotis. Their doubles are very different than the ones I had from many different carts & shops in Trinidad due to the dough, but they are so good. Singh's also makes their own pepper/hot sauce that is truely one of my favorites. It has a great flavor and a huge bite..

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        Sorry. I was just hoping to ask exactly what a double was?

        1. re: iloveporkbelly

          DaveMP's description above is a good one: a fresh, fluffy sandwich of fried dough, filled with chickpea curry.

          1. re: iloveporkbelly

            Wikipedia also has a pretty good description, and explains the origin of the term:

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            Singh is a guy I'm really pulling for, though he has been around long enough now that perhaps he doesn't need my cosmic well wishes. He is a really nice guy who remembers my first visit there over four years ago when I begged him to bottle his scotch bonnet sauce, he now does, and always gives me a little taste of something new.

            On my most recent visit he told me my Roti was going to be worlds better than those I'd had before and he was right. Singh has starting using a new dhal pouri that has really made a difference in my mind. The new dahl pouri tastes much fresher and has much more pleasing texture. I now rank them ahead of Ali's, which is right down the street from me.

            1. re: ChickenBrocandZiti

              Appreciate the update on the Roti. I haven't had a Singh's Roti in over a year because Ali's always had tasted better to me (I do get the other items as mentioned above though) Going to have to pay him another visit and re-asses the "Roti Rankings" in Boston.

          3. They make a version of this at Singh's Roti shack in Christiansted in St. Croix that is amazing.

            Over and above the dal, they will also ad conch, goat, or just about whatever else to your sandwich.

            Singh's Roti Shop
            692 Columbia Rd Ste 1, Dorchester, MA 02125

            1. Great Review DaveMP. My Swedish/ Italian husband and I found this place on one of google searches- The servers were very nice and generous with the portions. The doubles were perfect exacly like the way they make in in Trinidad. We also bought the Chicken Roti and Shrimp roti was abosolutely delicious.

              We also tried their Polourie and Saheena which was very good.

              Will definitely go back for more Trini food.

              Singh's Roti Shop
              692 Columbia Rd Ste 1, Dorchester, MA 02125