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Mar 9, 2011 05:26 PM

Anniversary Dinner - $100 for two people. Where would you go?

My husband and I have a wedding anniversary coming up, but we're being super budget conscious this year. Where would you go to celebrate if your max was $100 for two people?

Preferably Westside. Anything but sushi, as DH is not a fan.

Thank you!

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  1. It really depends how much you went to spend on alcohol (wine/beer). If you focus more on just food you could try Sunday Supper at Lucques

    1. if you would be able to do without alcohol, and you were willing to have a late dinner (9pm or so), i heard that la cachette bistro in santa monica will take 30% off your tab if you arrive for dinner in their dining room (i.e. NOT at the bar) on friday or saturday at 9pm or later.

      if they are still offering this deal, it sounds absolutely terrific to me. without alcohol, you should EASILY be able to meet budget including tax and tip.

      1. Great ideas! We will definitely be going easy on the alcohol, probably one glass of wine each. I have little to zero tolerance. I definitely would like to put the budget on good food.

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          a glass of wine each will still significantly affect the tab.
          at la chachette, i'd estimate that a glass of wine is about $12.
          times two that is $24
          add another 30% for tax and tip, you've just added over $30 to the tab.
          a not inconsequential amount.

        2. Sunday dinner at Eva. It's $39pp for a 3 course meal plus all the wine your heart desires. They usually pour one white and one red. Also, you can ask for seconds on the food!!

          1. If you are celebrating on a Monday night, Roy's is offering a 3-course dinner for $35. You can order anything from their regular menu.