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Mar 9, 2011 05:22 PM

Dessert for a Citizenship Party

Cooking for a party for someone who will become a US Citizen. I've got a few other ideas, but need something a little white trashy. Don't want to do a sheet cake - maybe cup cakes. I'm thinking of ice box cake or banana pudding made with nilla wafers, but would love some other ideas.

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  1. Red, white, and blue layered Jell-o dessert! If you have time to order it before the event, they even have a flag-shaped mold! There are instructions on how to prepare the Jell-o and Cool Whip for optimum layer-ability.

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      Or make the jellos in separate containers, slice them into little cubes and combine all three colors of cubes in one bowl. Like diced flag.

    2. Apple pie! As American as.... and just happens to be one of the best desserts ever!

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      1. Apple pie? not white trashy, but quintessentially American.
        Other more native desserts,
        Indian Pudding
        Apple Pandowdy
        Pumpkin Pie or any Pumpkin dessert
        Chocolate Chip Cookies
        Moravinan Wafers
        Shoo Fly Pie
        Buttermilk Pie
        Red Velvet Cake
        I am sure there are many others

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          Hmmm.. .the party is on Monday - so pi is good! But they certainly won't get that. I like apple and pumpkin... maybe apple pocket pies?

          I'm already offering brownies - here's a pic of my red, white and blueberry brownie parfait -
          Also pecan squares

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            Oh! Pecans yes or Hickory nuts if you can get them!

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            All Good! Thank you! Love Pi day!

            Edit - strange - the posting above with the picture didn't load before, so I put up another posting....

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              As much as I hate to offend, this is one dessert that just, won't die; one of those things that reminds me yet again of yellow, peeling wall paper and avocado appliances. The only person that I know that makes this hasn't veered from her over 30 year old recipe cards. Hmmph! You picked a good one.

            2. Why not sheet cake? The 4th of July American Flag cake is topped with white frosting or whipped cream, with rows of red berries for the stripes and blueberries for the star portion.

              Or make mini-cupcakes, frosting some in blue, some in red, and some in white, or using berries to top white frosting, and arrange in a flag pattern on a large rectangular platter.