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Mar 9, 2011 05:21 PM

Coffee + wi-fi b/w Kennebunk and York?

I have cabin fever.

I moved to SE coastal Maine in July and while the summer/fall were wonderful as I could just sit on the deck with my coffee and do some work, obviously I can't do that now and it's been some months of working inside. I know of some places in Portsmouth and Portland but would like to keep it more local so as to save $ on gas and shorten the drive.

I admit I failed on exploring cafes. When it came to edible exploration I was more interested in finding seafood and markets. Now I want a cafe.

Any suggestions for a cafe where I can get a good cup of coffee (even better if I can get good pastries or sandwiches or the elusive good bagel) with free wi-fi between Kennebunk and York? i suppose I could go to Kittery but then I may as well go to Portsmouth. Bonus if this place is okay w/ lingering and has outlets since my laptop's battery doesn't really care to hold a charge. If I stay longer than an hour I make sure to buy more and I always tip.

Thank you in advance if you can save me and give me a place to spend an hour or two... or more.

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  1. Perfecto's Caffe downtown Kennebunk, 41 Main Street. They have wifi but I'm not sure about the outlet situation. Good coffee, great muffins!

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      Another place I've driven past but haven't stopped in! While stuck in traffic, I'd look in and only saw people talking (meaning, no one on their laptops) but really, I should have just stopped in. Good to know the coffee and muffins are good. Thanks!

    2. It may be a little north for you, but you could try the Cape Porpoise Kitchen. Good sandwiches and cookies/pastries. I've seen people using laptops there but don't recall if they have wi-fi. You could call and find out.

      Also, there's Pine Tree Place in Wells (411 Post Road/Route 1). There's a cafe with ample seating attached to the shop, and I'm nearly certain they have wi-fi.

      Maybe Maine Diner but they'll want you out in a hurry.

      Congdon's in Wells?

      Brewed Awakenings in Wells has coffee and decent bagels (they get partially-baked from H&H in NYC and bake them the rest of the way), assuming they're still in business.

      If you're desperate, there's McDonald's in Wells. Don't all McD's have wi-fi now?

      Stonewall Kitchen in York might have wi-fi in their cafe. Not sure. Ditto Anthony's just north of it, both on Route 1.

      Maine Diner
      2265 Post Rd, Wells, ME 04090

      Stonewall Kitchen
      2 Stonewall Ln, York, ME 03909

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      1. re: IWantFood

        Brewed Awakenings is perhaps 100 feet from me, albeit closed for the season. I'll hit them up as soon as they reopen.

        I had no idea Pine Tree had wi-fi, I'll stop in maybe even tomorrow to check it out.

        Cape Porpoise is a bit of a drive but also a very pretty one if I go the shore route and I've never been to Cape Porpoise Kitchen.

        These are great suggestions. Thank you!

        EDIT to ask: Any specific sandwiches or pastries you recommend for Cape Porpoise Kitchen?

        1. re: pluot

          Cape Porpoise Kitchen: I highly recommend the homemade cookies (choc. chip, choc/choc chip, etc.) they sell at the cash register. 50 cents to $2, depending on size. I had a good apple caramel crumb mini-pie/tart thing there once. Great coffee and chowder. I don't eat roast beef, but turkey, ham, cheese combination sandwiches with various dressings are good. Pastrami looked decent, too. Good sides. Entire meals for take-out--like lamb chops--not so good. Employees can be aloof and not exactly service-oriented, depending on who you get. Not sure about wi-fi, but I've seen people there on laptops.

          1. re: IWantFood

            Aww, it seems my reply was eaten. Anyhow, employee apathy is fine w/ me in an environment like this so long as they aren't cruel. I don't eat red meat so it's really great to know the turkey/cheese, etc, sandwiches are good and wow, a 50¢ cookie?! No matter how small it is, I don't know if I've been able to purchase anything for 50¢ in some time.

            Good to know you've at least seen laptops there. I can do some of my work offline. Thank you!

      2. Maybe also DJ Morgan's off Sanford Rd in Wells. Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and you can sit all day. Not sure about wi-fi.

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        1. re: IWantFood

          Wow, I've never heard of this place and I'm sure I've driven past it many times. I'm certainly going to check it out. Are the sandwiches good?

          1. re: pluot

            Do you know where Laura's Kitchen used to be on Sanford Road? DJ Morgan's is right before it as you're heading west/northwest off Route 1. It's not flashy, so it's easy to miss. It's right off the road, looks like a barn. I think it's yellow. They usually have a flag out. It looks closed even when it's open. Good homemade cookies, apple turnovers/puff pastries, and killer pumpkin spice whoopie pies. The pumpkin ones may be seasonal, but they have other flavors, too, which I haven't tasted. Coffee: paper cup or use one of their ceramic mugs. Never had the sandwiches, but they look good and are made to order. Nothing fancy. Also soup and ice cream, and old-fashioned candy store candy. Not sure about wi-fi. They should have it, if they don't. Bob, the owner, is an older man and really nice. I'm sure he'd welcome the company.

            1. re: IWantFood

              Thank you! I know exactly where this is.

              I love your description of this place and it sounds so perfect I wonder if you're not Bob (and if you are, keep an eye out for me!). While my productive side would really like the wi-fi, my self-soothing side really doesn't care.

              1. re: pluot

                I'm not Bob, but glad I could help :).

        2. Seed & Bean is a great coffeehouse in West Kennebunk. They're still fairly new bit definetly worth checking out. It's in an old grey Victorian house that might be deceiving from the street but the inside is welcoming and cozy. All the pastries are made locally by Awesome bakers and they use Coffee By Design as their coffee roaster. Local artwork is always on display, plugs are available for laptops, and they welcome people who choose to enjoy the space. Only about a mile from the turnpike.

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          1. re: Jassyann

            Okay, sold, especially with the mention of their roasters AND outlets, all being within an old Victorian. Wow, I love it up here.

            It's really helpful to get these recs because it's so hard to know from the street if it's worth it (at least this was my experience over the summer as I didn't want to fight for parking... and admittedly this past winter it was sheer laziness on my part).

            1. re: Jassyann

              Is Seed & Bean next to the old post office?

              1. re: IWantFood

                Just West of the post office. It's next door to the church and across from the Masonic lodge.

            2. I just want to thank you all for your suggestions. I imagine that now tourist season is starting plenty of people will want to know, too.

              Turns out I'm staying here for some time! That said, perhaps you wizards can answer this... a coffee place w/ wi-fi where I can sit outside.

              Thanks again all of you.

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              1. re: pluot

                Port Bakery in Kennebunkport, on the right just before you turn left over the water.....but Port Bakery doesn't open up until June.

                1. re: jackattack

                  Port Bakery is gone and is now Pedro's

                  1. re: MHKL

                    Can you give me more info on Pedro's? Similar to Port Bakery? A new joint entirely?

                      1. re: pluot

                        I'm a big fan of The Ramp but I wasn't that impressed with Pedro's (same owners). I think the potential is there to be good but I thought it was too expensive for what you got. The plus is they have dos equis (excuse the spelling) on tap which would be nice to drink on their patio on a nice day.