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Mar 9, 2011 05:21 PM

In need of interesting meals without beef, chicken or pork for Lent

My Lenten sacrifice this year is going to be meat (beef, chicken and pork). I am looking for hearty veggie recipes, as well as your favorites with seafood. I look forward to hearing your ideas :)

Many Thanks!!

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  1. Macaroni with 4 Cheeses - Emeril Lagasse

    South of the Border Veggie Chili with Fixins - Emeril Lagasse

    Fettucine Alfredo - Emeril Lagasse

    Salmon with Lemon, Capers, and Rosemary - Giada de Laurentiis

    Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon Oil - Giada de Laurentiis

    Salmon Cakes - Ina Garten

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      These look great... Thanks so much! I get the feeling that I'll be doing a lot of seafood and pastas, but I'm also going to try to do some things with beans and stir fry (not together). Thanks again for the suggestions!

    2. Don't forget veggies! Whenever I go light on the meat, I have to remind myself to eat lots and lots of veggies, because it's easy to fall into eating pasta/sandwiches/wraps.

      I'd make ratatouille- for when you're craving something rich and stewy (hey, that rhymed!).

      Seafood risotto is particularly fantastic (if you don't have fish stock, do a 50/50 mix of clam juice and water); seared scallops go great with some lighter greens. Shrimp sautéed with garlic and seasoned with lime are a big hit around here, especially if you serve them with polenta and broccolini.

      Mexican food in general: go heavier on the beans and spices, you probably won't notice the lack of meat. Rice, mashed black beans with jalapeño and garlic, and some crumbles of queso fresco is a go-to healthy lunch for me.

      If my sacrifice were beef, chicken, and pork, you'd probably find me eating veal, duck, and lamb two days into Lent. That's not cheating, right??

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      1. re: caseyjo

        Forgot to add, if you have Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home, there are some fantastic salad and seafood recipes in there. The salad ideas are amazing: if you're a salad lover (or if you're bored of the same-old salads) definitely try some out.

      2. My standard recipes for Lent in years past include:
        Spinach and dill casserole
        Tuna casserole
        Oden (Japanese fish cake hotpot)
        Fideuda (Vermicelli paella with aioli)
        Curried fish patties
        Roasted eggplant omelets
        Chipotle mac-n-cheese with garlic crumbs
        Tuna macaroni salad
        Tofu and kimchi stew
        Spicy roast fish with lemon tahini dressing
        Bamia (okra stew)
        Squash kibbeh
        Cheese and green strata
        Eggplant rollatini
        Stir fried shrimp and noodles
        Whole fried fish with seasoned soy sauce
        Vinegar marinated trout
        Red curry shrimp
        Sarson ka saag (slow-cooked Indian mustard greens)

        And of course it just wouldn't be Lent without fish sticks for at least a few meals here and there.

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        1. re: JungMann

          JungMann, could you share your recipe for spinach and dill casserole?

        2. Stuffed artichoke, with or without shrimp/crawfish (which you should chop up a bit, otherwise the thing comes out the size of a hubcap). Use different cheeses, olives, anchovy, capers, garlic and as little an amount of breadcrumbs as you can get away with (in contravention of the commercial trend over 30 years to make the whole thing out of breadcrumbs and charge $12.00 for it).

          1. Right now, I'm munching on leftover soba noodles with peanut sauce, lots of veggies and tofu. Even without the tofu, the soba noodles are really, really hearty and good for you.

            Also, don't forget eggs. Stew some veggies and chickpeas together and serve with crusty bread and a poached egg. Frittatas make a great dinner.

            And when in doubt, check out Ottolenghi's column. The cauliflower cake is incredible:

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            1. re: katecm

              I had completely forgotten about eggs! Thanks so much for the suggestions, all!