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Mar 9, 2011 03:50 PM

Recent meal at Sprout

Pittsburgh group dined at Sprout last week. One of the best meals that I have had in the past several months. Start to finish, each dish was a success. Within our group, we covered most of the menu. The octopus app and the short rib entree were the star dishes. Dale made a white bean butter that he served with the bread....amazing. Brittany the manager/bartender was very kind. She can make a great cocktail.
I wish much success for Dale and his team at Sprout. Please put Sprout on your list if you visit the city. If you are from Chicago, consider yourself lucky.

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  1. Glad you had such a great dinner. I too am a huge fan of Sprout. The food is really delicious.

    1. I was there in May and cannot say enough about what a wonderful meal and total experience that evening was. From the time we entered until we left it was nothing but gracious, enthusiastic and genuine service and hospitality. The cocktails were amazing, as a table we tried a few to get the taste of each. Dale's food was so well balanced and the composite flavor profiles of each dish had distinct impression and clarity. We are going to Chicago again this May and have Sprout definitely in our radar. Much success to he, Brittany, Sara and the whole Sprout team. And, I hope they make the Beard finals!