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Mar 9, 2011 03:09 PM

Best glace flavors by shop

It occurs to me that we frequently encounter the question of "the best ice cream in Paris", answer it over and again, yet I have hit the wall at many of the shops recommended by people I have come to trust. So, maybe there's a second question?

For instance, I had to leave most of my cup of salted caramel at Pozzetta because it was too sweet. Then the trusted friend who sent me there said, "No, dummy, you order nut flavors at Pozzetta." Okay. And at Grom on rue de Seine, again, I left most of whatever I ordered because it was too sweet.

So...maybe we could establish a thread on who does what best so we can all order into strength.

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  1. This thread brings up a very tragic point:
    Not only am I still on a recherche du Mövenpick espresso flavor perdue,
    Not only is Seurre closed for good,
    But the wonderful glacier Caramella across the street from the phantom Seurre is also no longer with us.
    There's nothing like its sorbet Mojito on a hot summer day...

    1. Smart. Let me start.

      Berthillon: vanilla.

      Constant: all sorbets, including strawberry, red currant, mango, passion...

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      1. re: souphie

        Addendum to Berthillon: not only vanilla but nougat au miel is extraordinary. Also marron glacé, coconut (ice cream), pistachio. The ice creams are often better than the sorbets. While it is the exact reverse at Constant.

        Constant's blueberry sorbet is tops. So is Berthillon's mango sorbet.

        The nocciola from Amorino.

      2. Personnally I've never found an ice cream too sweet at Grom, but maybe that's because of all the Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's I've had as a kid. Their flavours for me are really intense and taste natural (for instance I've never had a pistachio ice cream that actually tasted of pistachio, except at Grom), but if I have to choose what they do the best I would say the sorbets which are all very fruity, and if I had to choose one sorbet it would be the strawberry sorbet only available when it's strawberry season, and for a short time. I've never tasted any dessert so packed full of pure natural strawberry flavor !

        On a side note, their whipped cream supplement is probably the best whipped cream I've ever had (but I like really compact and heavy textured whipped cream with really strong milky flavor, and I know not everybody likes their whipped cream that way).

        So to sum up :

        Grom: Strawberry sorbet with whipped cream.

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        1. re: Rio Yeti

          Hm... I do not think that one can really argue about personal preferences.

          For me: sorbet with whipped cream is already a no-go...

          1. re: Dodo

            I agree with you that generally whipped cream goes better with ice cream. I make an exception for strawberry sorbet which in my opinion goes well with whipped cream, and since the original question was about "who does what best", I just couldn't leave off the whipped cream at Grom !

        2. Berthillon-Passionfruit sorbet
          Reglisse ice cream
          Constant-Mango sorbet
          Grom, ah Grom, Licorice ice cream
          Haagen-Daz-Rum Raisin
          TaDa, no # 1 choice-Quincy restaurant vanilla glace.
          This stuff comes our grey from vanilla specks and they serve with a dish of rummed
          dried fruit and a bottle of rum. Two egg shaped scoops cost 12 euros but worth every penny.

          1. Le Bac de Glaces -- vanilla and chocolate
            Martine Lambert -- Vanilla, Vanilla with chocolate bits, salted caramel
            Bertillion -- vanilla (and pear sorbet)

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            1. re: Nancy S.

              I like the yogort magro at Pozzoto, the gianduja, and I think their pistachio's better, and less sweet, than Grom's.

              1. re: vielleanglaise

                It's neither 'Pozzoto', nor 'Pozzetta' as I spelled it. It's Pozzetto. ;)