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Mar 9, 2011 02:59 PM

Childhood favorite sandwich

As I was reading the post on all time favorite sandwiches, my favorite childhood sandwich popped into my head. Nothing fancy, but I was always delighted when I got to make it.

Spam and American Cheese, with yellow mustard on white bread, buttered on the outside and then toasted in the waffle iron. I liked mine to get nice and dark and the cheese had to be oozing out.

My husband lived down South for while and there was a "sandwich" that he was amazed to see the other kids eat with joy. Called Coffee Slop, it was white bread smeared with bacon fat with leftover coffee grounds on top. He refused to try it.

So what was your favorite sandwich as a kid?

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  1. This is perhaps the wrong answer.. but I did not really care for sandwiches. If I ever would eat bread then I only liked a "butter sandwich"--just buttered bread. Anyone else looove the butter sandwich?

    Otherwise, I took crackers and cheese for lunch always as a kid.

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    1. re: GraceW

      Yes, but it wasn't called a sandwich, it was "bread and butter" and folded over. My grandmother would sometimes sprinkle sugar on it for a treat.

      That was pre-school, though. In elementary school, though, I was a boiled ham on white bread, no mustard, no mayo, not even any lettuce. Lord, how I've changed....

      1. re: lemons

        My neighbor's mother used to make us sugar sandwiches -- my mother may have done so, too, but my mother always had rather dry and firm Arnold white bread and margerine while the neighbor used soft and squishy Wonder Bread and real butter! No comparison!

        Also loved turkey sandwiches with Miracle Whip (again on Wonder Bread a la my Grammy's on Thanksgiving night).

        1. re: MaineCook

          That sounds fantastic. I bet it brings back wonderful memories!

      2. re: GraceW

        Not my favorite, but yes, bread and butter folded over.

        1. re: Leepa

          i use this when i have tomato soup...dip into soup ..repeat until bread is gone..

      3. Don't know how I came up with this mixture, but: salami or pepperoni on a french roll with lettuce, black olives (from a can) and pickle slices. I ate it every single day for lunch from age 6 to 14 and still could eat them daily if I could bring myself to buy pre-packaged cheap lunch meats.

        Other goodies were PB&J of course, or cheese sandwiches (a hunk of Cheddar between two slices of white bread). And of course very-buttered grilled cheese made with Kraft American singles. That was my first mastery of chefdom, aside from the Easy-Bake Oven.

        1. Cream cheese and green olive. It seemed so grown-up at the time.

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          1. re: beachmouse

            Oh my goodness, yes. To this day my favorite sandwich spread. With a little of the olive brine mixed in to make a creamy consistency. Has to be on dark pumpernickel bread.

            But I have to say that I was the only one in kindergarten that thought this was good. Feh on them, and their fluffernutters.

            1. re: beachmouse

              This is a dead tie with cream cheese and dill pickle slices. We had them both almost every week.

            2. Klik (just like Spam) mashed up with miracle whip and pickle relish. On wonder bread, of course.

              Also bread spread with butter and brown sugar; folded in half and smooshed.

              1. I have a friend who is Italian-American and would make all these incredible sandwiches for her son, and all he wanted was stuff that was "normal".