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Coconut cream in Montreal/Laval?

I've been checking grocery stores and haven't been able to find this anywhere. I'm on the lookout for coconut cream/cream of coconut (not coconut milk). Has anyone seen this recently?

I'm in Laval so I've checked IGA, Maxi, Costco and Marche 440 around here.

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  1. Definitely usually have it at Marché Hawai in Ville St. Laurent.

    1993 Marcel-Laurin Blvd.

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    1. I bought some a few months ago at Les Douceurs at the Atwater Market... (hint: does NOT work well in cocktails!) I tried concocting some rum/pineapple/lime juice mix with the coconut cream and it was absolutely disgusting and ruined the drinks!

      1. There's a new grocery store in Laval called Marche Gourmet Asiatique (if im not mistaken), just off of boulevard le Corbusier. I'd say give them a try in you're in Laval.

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          I went there, it's brand new. I don't know if they would have it but they might! Their stock is limited but they have a good selection and decent prices.

        2. I have an easier solution: use a can of coconut milk, let it sit for a while and the cream will separate from the 'water' and rise to the top. Use that and discard the rest.

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            Great tip. That's what I always do. There are, however, brands where the coconut milk is somehow emulsified and the water does not separate from the solids. I've had this happen with Twin Elephants brand. I left a couple of cans sitting out for weeks and they just didn't separate. Not to knock Twin Elephants. though. It's a fine brand that's perfect for many applications.

            One that seems to be a sure bet is Aroy-D brand. It's also one of the few brands with very consistent quality, AFAIC.

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              Yeah, I get the Aroy-D brand. The coconut "cream" that rises to the top is the key element to making the thai curries at home.

          2. Any Indian store will have it, but I always buy this product at Akhavan at NDG. It's a key ingredient in green chutney (a popular Indian snack).

            1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I actually found a can today at Fromagerie des Nations at the Marche 440 while I was looking for something else completely, it was just sheer luck. Going to have to try skimming the cream off the milk next time for comparison sake, the cans of coconut milk are about half the price of the cream so it might be worth it when I only need a couple of tablespoons.

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                And instead of dumping it out, you can freeze the leftover thin coconut milk in a ziplok or ice-cube tray for later use. ;-)