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At Long Last--David's, Silver Lake

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Tried David's in Silver Lake which finally opened a few days ago after several years in the making. We were the only ones dining and they're not able to take credit cards yet. The prices are comparable to Forage and Food/Lab but with table service. It feels like they're just gearing up to go full throttle and the menu is very conservative, at least on the lunch side. There's a chicken quesadilla, beet salad and a hamburger among other items that feel kind of two weeks ago. I ordered a tuna sandwich with jalapenos. It was decent tuna salad, not too much mayonnaise but barely detectable heat. My friend had a vegetable panini with grilled zucchini, eggplant and what to my mind was a bit too much goat cheese. Both came with an extravagent portion of extremely good french fries. The food was fine and fairly priced but I'd wished for a bit more adventurous menu. The room is more spacious than a lot of similar places so I suspect that even at capacity the noise level won't offend. The decor isn't hideous but suggests under-financed. The service was genial and solicitous and I'm glad there's a full serve restaurant priced about the same as its order-at-the-counter brethren. I hope the menu gets a bit brasher as this will be a civilized location for a quiet meal.

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  1. Where about in Silverlake?

    I haven't even seen any signs of a new restaurant opening.

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        I saw an open sign last week. It certainly looks uninspiring, I hope that's deceiving.