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Mar 9, 2011 01:02 PM

What's for Dinner? Part 77 (Old)

Time to start a new thread - we're not halfway through March, but Spring is getting ready to spring! So what are you most anticipating of the newly sprouted Spring foods on your dinner table?

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  1. Nothing exciting, but definitely comforting, as I rarely have pasta these days.

    Spaghetti rigati tossed with butter, hot pepper flakes, and marinara sauce. The sauce is Newman's organic tomato and basil, and the herbs are so strong, they tatste almost medicinal. Not my favorite.

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    1. re: ChristinaMason

      I'm kinda-sorta having pasta as well....took out a tub of chili from the freezer, and once defrosted and heated, will serve it over elbow noodles, as my stepfather always did. A roll alongside, as well as a small salad.

    2. Vegetarian pot pie; we aren't vegetarians, but our neighbors are, and it's our night to cook the weekly meal share we do with them. I'm using the CI vodka pie crust, so I know at least that will be good :).

      1. Having a craving for a chili cheese hot dog. Lentils are simmering now for the chili - looking forward to is.

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          Leftover chicken and rice tonite w/ chopped up olives - 'tis really good. Made PB & J sandwich for lunch tomorrow. W/W fiber bread w/ crunchy PB and homemade strawberry jam.

            1. re: rabaja

              PB&J w/ celery sticks for lunch eaten on the tailgate of my truck for lunch. Truly one of the best, relaxed lunches I've had this year sitting in the sun. Strawberry jam was practically dripping onto the napkin as I watched the blue sky and trucks roll by.

              Dinner tonite is the leftover chili on a hamburger bun w/ cheese and Oh For The Love of Food I have some tortilla chips for crunch.

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                sounds like a good day for you, JerryMe.

        2. Pan-grilled a couple tilapia filets and a length of scallion. I placed the tilapia on the grilled scallion bed and topped that with pink pickled radishes. Draped that with hot soy sauce mounted with butter and served with napa kimchi.

          1. Since the weather is not too cold, and is threatening a deluge for tomorrow, we're taking the opportunity to grill some of the prime strip steaks my DH buys, and having those with a baked potato and asparagus parmigiana. Yum.