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Mar 9, 2011 12:39 PM

Doctor Who Dinner

Just got some happy news that the new season of Doctor Who is coming back in April. So I decided I want to make a special dinner that night for a few friends as we watch the season premiere. Any ideas for Doctor Who themed menu items? I've already figured we can do "Sonic Screwdrivers" for a drink. And I may get inspired enoughtto make a tardis cake. But other ideas are certainly needed for a main course.

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  1. Fish fingers and custard? (I understand it was actually cake fried in breadcrumbs)

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      Something with celery sticks/leaves.

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        Not sure how well this would work but you might be able to do a pandorica meatloaf? Easily shapes into a cube and decorate. This probably needs an adult version remake...I saw a recipe for mac and cheese with a hotdog cut into 1/8 halfway up its length to make an octopus shape in a cooking for kids book.....prisoner zero mac and cheese? And depending on how much you want to spend, the vampires of Venice remind me of lobsters/crayfish.....also messy for sitting on a couch in front of the TV.....

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          I like the pandorica meatloaf idea, that sounds like fun.

          I'm also contemplating doing something just very british. A curry pops to mind if the weather is still a little chilly, maybe bangers and mash, or maybe some fish and chips.

    2. I'm trying to think of episodes where food is signficant, or for that matter where any food is mentioned.

      The Tom Baker Doctor hands out jelly babies (bellies).

      And there was a 2 doctor episode where the 2nd Doctor pals around with an Androgum chef. The setting for that is Spain

      It is easier to identify various foods with Red Dwarf (e.g. lager and vindaloo).


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      1. Celery. The Fifth Doctor attached it to his clothing.

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            That is sooooo cool! I WANT!!!!

            By the way, you can also turn any soup into sontaran clone food with a little food colouring. I only know episodes from the ninth doctor on......

          2. that;s the most exciting news i've heard all day. Not sure where you are, but there's a pub in Ealing London where a Sylvester McCoy episode was filmed that serves a Sonic Screwdriver. No idea what's in it, but there you go. The first episode of the Matt smith season has him trying a huge range of foods at Amy Pond's house because he can't work out what he likes after his regeneration. Possibly worth reviewing that for inspiration?

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              Salami sandwiches (Tom Baker's Doctor notes that he wouldn't refuse one in "The Masque of Mandragora"). I can't *believe* my middle-aged brain actually remembers that! Best of all, they're easy to fix and are served cold.

              Another option might be to use a "journey through time" theme, either backwards or forwards. You'll find lots and LOTS of period recipes (and conjectures) online!