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Mar 9, 2011 12:38 PM

Worlds 50 Best Ranking 2011 - Where will Alinea be?

Just wondering:
Alinea has been climbing steady on the list each year. With elBulli off the list due to closing, and some people saying Fat Duck hasn't done enough new stuff lately, will Alinea leapfrog others like Can Roca and Mugaritz to snag a #2 spot? Maybe even challenge Noma for #1.
Personally, I think it's earned it.

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  1. Assuming you're referring to the Pellegrino awards, I imagine the result will be as arbitrary as in previous years.

    I suspect you're right about the Fat Duck, where I ate last August. Many of the dishes are long-standing which is fine for a new customer like me but the voting panel members are likely to have eaten there in previous years and some may not necessarly even have been back in the judging period. I can think of two or three other restaurants which simply don't seem "right" for the world's top 50.

    I regard this as just a bit of fun - Michelin star awards are much more interesting. Results out on 11/4.