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Mar 9, 2011 12:35 PM

Paris- Marriott Rive Gauche- Anyone good restaurants in the area?

Tow Chowhounds from NYC are considering a stay at the above hotel. We tend to stay nearby after a day of sightseeing.

We enjoy moderately priced ethnic foods and fish and seafood preparation. We probably wouldn't be doing a splurge restaurant but would like recommendations for well- prepared ethnic and bistro food. (However, if there is a Michelin * nearby ,please let us know.)

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  1. There just isn't many good places to eat around the neighborhood. One would have to walk to the 14e where there is La Cerisaie for bistro food, La Cagouille for seafood; down to Blvd Montparnesse for Le Dome (expensive seafood), Bistro du Dome for less expensive, Le Rotonde. Rue Montparness has good crepe places. Paris public transport is safe, fast and generally terrific, otherwise, might consider staying closer to the center where there are a concentration of good restaurants.

    1. There is thread already on that exact topic.

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        We especially enjoyed La Cagouille- the lightly fried sardines and small shrimps were great appetizers and the fish course was excellent. Would recommend the place- not a far cab ride from the Rive Gauche.

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          Just realized that I failed to mention a great meal at Marty- a good distance by foot- but worthy of dining. It opens at 7 pm and offers great fish and seafood. We particularly enjoyed the oysters on the prix fixe. Locals were there and the decor was lovely.