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Mar 9, 2011 11:43 AM

Fresh Catch

To add to my eating extravaganza of late (Fri. Mariposa for lunch, Sat. town for lunch, Roy's Waikiki for dinner, Sun. Boston's Style pizza) yesterday I tried "Fresh Catch" in Kaneohe. The chef/owner himself was busy doing every task imagineable as the place was pack with people. The selection of fresh poke is amazing. They also have pre-marinated meat and chicken to take home to grill. Daily specials as well as standard plates create a large menu. I was torn between many things but went with the ahi katsu which was lightly breaded and had a great sauce with lots of furikake sprinkled about the fish and the rice. They have brown rice as well. For dessert they offer red velvet cupcakes and whoppee pies (chocolate cake sandwich with cream filling). The portion was much larger than Nico's and just as fresh and about the same price. The katsu was $10.50. I have not been to the original Kaimuki (Waialae) location but I would imagine it to be just as delicious. I am anxious to go back. Tonight I will slug it out at Haleiwa Joe's in Haiku Gardens and am still trying to decide where to lunch.

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  1. Manomin, want to let you know how much the rest of us appreciate the sacrifice you are making on our behalf in forcing yourself to have all these overwhelming meals. Clearly a trial for you. There is a word for people like that on the tip of my tongue... and no, its not martyr.

    Fresh Catch in Kaimuki is disturbingly close to me, yet I have only managed to get over there twice. And from what you have described, it is exactly the same situation as the one over the hill. My ahi katsu was fantastic, a twin of what you described. Now I'm hungry again.

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      Yes, when St. Peter wants someone to stand in testimony for you - look no further!

      Mahalo for the report,


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        Oh K-Man and Bill I had to sling it out today at Hank's Haute Dogs. Amazing as always chicken dog with mango/dijon relish, onion rings and that awesome hibiscus lemonade! Tonight I am going over to Haleiwa Joe's. Haven't been there for a year! And it's right in the 'hood!

        1. re: manomin

          Haven't been there in years. Looking forward to your report. The setting is so beautiful, how's the food and service these days?

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            I hope that on my next O`ahu trip, we can finally make it to Hank's. I know that I'll have to do several, and sneak the "left overs" into the trash, out of sight, but we've just never had the opening to get by - that will be rectified.