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Mar 9, 2011 10:45 AM

Cajun country reccomendations?

Looking for any new, or out of the way places in the Opelousas/Lafayette/Baton Rouge area. HIgh end, low end, don't care. Only want cajun/creole. Can get everything else at home.

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  1. I'm a booster for Ma Mama's Kitchen in New Roads..great turtle soup, good oysters bienville,...never had anything bad there. The service can be non-existent depending on whetehr or not they have re-hired a bad waiter for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately, they often think the customers want to hear some dreadful radio station but if tyou can get that out of your mind it'll be OK. I like to go to Webster's meat market in Cecilia for boudin and other goodies, of course there are the gas stations and markets allover the place for such things. everyone has a favorite. Cafe des Amis is the usual suspect in Breaux Bridge..I don't like it as much as others but there is nothing really wrong with it--unless there is music. Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette has very good turtle soup..their other offerings are ok but I usually only have the soup and maybe a salad. Of course thre are other usual suspects such as Yello Bowl but I have not bene there in so long I'd hesitate to recommend it (but I have not heard anyone run it down, either, and I think I'd know...) Fezzo's (the one on the Interstate at Scoot/Canckton) gets lots of raves about seafood..I think it is OK. And there is always Hawk's "in rayne" but it is really on teh dark side of the moon.

    That ought to get the ball rolling

    Mama's Kitchen
    64579 Highway 3081, Pearl River, LA 70452

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      Thanks. Hawk's is our first stop. We are from Northern Ca so all we are into is the food.

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        Disregard the map that appears showing Pearl River..that ain't Ma Mama's in new Roads. The real one is on Main Street, right next to False River, across the street from Satterfield's--which last I do NOT recommend. Nice view..that's it.

    2. Book a night at T'reres in Lafayette, spend the night and just go where they tell you. Not sure of the name of the joint we ended up at but it was perfect. Home cookedt Cajun, line dancing, great local feel. Wait till you start your visit with Maugie's Iced Tea. That ain't just tea.

      1. Get off I 10 at Exit 115 in Henderson, LA and go E on Highway 352 to Henderson Levee Road to Pat's Fisherman's Wharf for good cajun food. Go to Whiskey River Landing for good music and cold drinks.

        Pat's Fisherman's Wharf @ 1008 Henderson Levee Rd., Henderson, LA 337 - 228 - 7512.

        Whiskey River Landing @ 1365 Henderson Levee Road, Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 228 - 2277.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA then go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go less than a mile to Creole Cafe for good country breakfast or plate lunch.

        Creole Cafe @ 1227 N. University Ave., Lafayette, LA 337 - 266 - 4648.

        Or get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University. Take a right on Johsnton St. and go three blocks and take a right on W St. Mary Blvd.then go one block where you will find Old Thyme Grocery for good road food and the best po boys in LA.

        Old Tyme Grocery @ 218 West Saint Mary Blvd., Lafayette, LA 337 - 235 - 8165.

        Or get off I 10 in Lafayette, LA at Exit 101 and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University then it becomes E University. Go to Pinhook and take a right then go about 6 blocks to Blue Dog Cafe for great road food.

        Blue Dog Cafe @ 1211 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 337 - 237 - 0005.

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          Prejeans near the racetrack off I-49 I believe is pretty good . Its in Lafayette.

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            Also head to Freds Lounge 9 am saturday morning in mamou louisiana. Live Cajun band broadcast live all over acadiana they shut down at about 2 in the afternoon not to open back up until next Saturday and while your there tell Tante Sue I said howdy. Dont miss this place google it its world famous.

            1. re: joedontexan

              Thanks. This is our 5th trip, so we've been to Freds. Good reminder.

        2. Anyone been to Beausoileil in Baton Rouge yet?

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            Beausoileil was quite serious. Gallatoire's was perfection, and the only place I've found pommes soufle year round outside of Buenos Aires.