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Mar 9, 2011 10:40 AM

Kosher food at a Sixers game :)

i just got an email abiout this and I am really excited. On March 30 Max and Davids will be at the Sixers game for Jewish Heritage night!!! YES! If you buy your ticket as part of a group you also get a free t shirt and everyone can stay for a FREE concert by Matisyahu, For more info call Disston @ 215-952-5280

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  1. If you need more convincing to go if you sit in one of two special club boxes you can get a buffet by Max and Davids too. $79 without beer and wine, $99 per seat with. If you have never sat in a club box at Wells Fargo, it is a real treat even without the fabulous food!

    1. Max and David's is also looking into opening a stand at Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial. Although nothing is official on that front yet.

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        Oh please, please let this happen esp qt the "ball park" I know they will be there for Jewish Heritage night but that game is almost sold out! We bought tickets last month (yes in FEBRUARY) for an AUGUST game (Jewish Heritage Night) and the best available were standing room only! Yes we grabbed the "seats" I mean how can we skip a game and Max and Davids????

      2. There are still tickets available!!!!

        1. Max and Davids will have tickets for sale until 12 noon tommorow!