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Mar 9, 2011 09:30 AM

Android app?

Wil you be getting an android app anytime soon?

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  1. Because the mobile experience on my Droid is really REALLY bad.

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    1. re: yumyum

      I concur..... Really Awful, really really awful!!!

      1. re: ChowFun_derek

        But still no response from the PTB. Would be cool to at least hear if they are working on it???

    2. The mobile version of the site works great for catching up on chow's main site, but is just not useable for the chowhound boards, and MANY posts on this board in the past couple of years have stated the same thing.

      Got my EVO 4G 2 wks ago, but found it was the same mobile site experience as always, previously with a not-so-smartphone LG (that could browse decently w/ Opera Mini) & then a Blackberry Curve.

      With the Blackberry, I was able to access the non-mobile with another browser, but it was not functional at all!

      But, I tried a few things w/ my new android phone, and FINALLY got it working! First, I download the Dolphin HD browser (free from the Android Market)... Set it up, then went to menu, hit "more...", then "Settings", and changed "User Agent" from "Android" to "Desktop". Yes, this loads the full site, but it loads very quickly & navigating around doesn't require you to pinch-and-zoom much - easily zooming to just the boards if your screen is large enough!

      Definitely recommend Dolphin though... It also handles multiple tabs easily & it is so easy to customize screen gestures (if you don't know what those are it teaches you pretty quickly, and they are very helpful!). After trying both Firefox and Opera, I still preferred the default Android browser, but I definitely prefer Dolphin now!

      ...... Uh, before I post this.... Ummm, just also looked & I just noticed you can also do the same with the default browser by simply disabling the mobile view in its settings - works the same , but it is a bit slower.

      1. I was just wondering this very thing and found this thread. I wish there was a mobile version of the site. I just tried both and the forums - both come up full size, which makes it impossible to navigate. I want to take my chow on the road! LOL

        Hopefully they'll come up with either a mobile version of the site or an app. Oh, how I would love an app!

        1. Another thing I've noticed accessing Chowhound on mobile...When accessing the site on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich) the option to upload photos is nowhere to be found....why is that? Has anyone else noticed this?

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          1. re: curej

            Works fine on my HTC Android phone. Just tested photo posting yesterday. You need to view the regular, non-mobile, version of the site.

            1. re: Silverjay

              Your last sentence "solved" the problem. However, I'd still like a mobile app in which photo uploading was possible.