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Mar 9, 2011 09:29 AM

Vegetarian Main dish for meal share with neighbors?

We've started a weekly meal share with close friends, who have a vegetarian daughter. Today is our day, and I'm feeling pretty stumped. We do eat a lot of vegetarian meals at our house, but are more likely to do so in the summer, when I have more fresh produce on hand. We also often do pastas, which don't tend to keep very well so might not be the best choice (though, on second thought, I could definitely make a pasta sauce and give them that and dry noodles).

I am hoping not to go to the grocery store, so here's what I have on hand:
-well stocked kitchen, including most common spices, oils, vinegars, dried beans, rice, peanut butter, some canned beans and tomatoes-quite a few condiments for chinese cooking
-a pound of tofu
-vegetable stock
-potatoes, onions, one apple :) and a couple oranges
-a little bit of fresh spinach, carrots, frozen peas and corn,
-lemons, limes, cauliflower, and a little broccoli
-milk, half and half, parm, and some mexican cheese blend

Basically, I'm pretty well stocked except I'm relatively short on produce, which has ruled out the first few recipes I've found.

Last week, I made a polenta and black bean casserole that was well-received.

Any ideas?

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  1. Broccoli, cauliflower and (elbow? fusilli?) pasta bake with a bechamel sauce with a spinach and orange segment salad

    Tofu pot pie with all your veg diced small (inc. frozen corn and peas) - assuming you have flour for pastry?

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      Oh yes, should have added that I have all the pantry butter :). No eggs, though. Wish my chickens would start laying again!

    2. There are a few threads that might help you:

      You can always do a soup with a nice salad or some yummy apps too! I have tons of soup recipes that might be helpful for you (corn chowder, Asian style vegetable and tofu soup, Mexican style soup topped with cheese, etc.) , but I'm sure you can figure something out based on what you have in the kitchen.

      1. I think the Asian style soup with tofu is a good idea - I'd add spinach to it. And then, a nice frittata with potatoes, onions, broccoli and cheese.

        1. vegetarian ma pa tofu?

          Here is Susur Lee's recipe

          You could probably substitute out the more exotic ingredients-or find another recipe.

          I am going to have to try and make this, it sounds delicious (although I might tone the heat down a bit).

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          1. re: AdamD

            This looks fabulous, and I actually have all the ingredients except the bell pepper. However, there's no way it would fly for any of the four kids I'll be feeding :( (I think if you completely toned down the heat, you'd lose the essence of the dish). I'm going to add it to my bookmarks for an adult meal, though.

          2. Great ideas, all! I should add that we only have to figure out the main course, so won't have to do any side dishes (unless something seems a key part of the dish, like rice with an asian entree).

            Also just learned that our neighbors are doing soup for all tomorrow night, so will probably stay away tonight.

            The pasta bake would be simple and kid-friendly....but i'm intrigued by many of the ideas here, too.