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Mar 9, 2011 09:25 AM

I am looking for a Winter Farmer's Market for this Saturday March 12th

My sister really wants to go to one. She usually works on Saturday.

I know Phoenixville is open. Any others? Outdoor would be nicest. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here is a link to the Food Trusts winter markets - - but it only lists the city ones.
    As you said Phoenixville is open. The market at the Piazza at Schmidtts(No Libs) is open too but is very small this time of year (at least when I have been by)

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      piazza market is a chicken-or-egg-first thing for me. i know they've just started up, and for a good few months when it ran 2 days with long hours and tons of vendors i was really excited about it, and going regularly. i don't find myself visiting anymore, and i've also found a lot of vendors have dropped off (perhaps for lack of foot traffic?). i want to support that market... definitely a spring 2011 goal for me.

    2. This really isn't the season for outdoor farmer's markets, ya know. You don't say where you are, but if you don't mind compromising on the outdoor venue, you might want to check out the Booths Corner Farmer's Market.

      1. The Chestnut Hill market has been going strong all winter. It was there last week, so I think it should be there this week. It is on the food trust site linked above.

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          In Philadelphia: The Rittenhouse Square Market is outdoors, and nice. It's open 10 to 2. There's usually a farmer with some produce and grass fed meat, a mushroom guy, a gluten free bakery person, a cheese person who also carries some pork and chicken, and John & Kira chocolates. Sometimes the Otolith fish people, but I don't think this weekend.

          In West Philly, the Clark Park Market (also outdoors) is also fun. Depends on whether you want a center city ambiance, or a West Philly one. I usually go for coffee at the Green Line Cafe across the street when I go to Clark Park. You could also check out Milk and Honey Market a block away, which also carries local foodstuffs.

          Of course, no shortage of places to go near Rittenhouse Square. I might make a stop at the nearby Metroplitan Bakery. Or maybe your sister would like to stop by Reading Terminal Market. Though if the Flower Show is still on, it will be a zoo.

          1. re: Hansel

            Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal is like a year-round farmer's market--all local produce, meat, dairy, some packaged stuff. Great for shopping but not so much of that farmer's market atmosphere. Given the time of year, sometimes stock is a bit low if it's between re-ups.

            1. re: barryg

              Thanks for the suggestions! You're all right that this is a bad time to be localvores

              I live in Mt Airy and the Chestnut Hill Growers Market is open, sadly, only every other week. I knew about Clark but didn't know about Rittenhouse and Fitler. Booth Corner's sounds really fun! My sister is in Wayne, so Phoenixville it is. She is really into being outside. Don't ask me why.

              Oh and even their winter market beat the two near me to shame. Lucky people who live in Phoenixville!

            2. re: Hansel

              I'd second the Rittenhouse Market or perhaps check out Greensgrow