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The Main's SAQ is moving

The SAQ at 3565 St-Laurent below Prince Arthur is moving to the long-empty old stone bank building at the corner of St-Laurent and Pins. Closing March 27th, re-opening April 19th. Great to see that building will finally be put to use, and it'll be a huge outlet.

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  1. Thanks for the news - don't suppose they are doing a moving sale, eh? Nice if they can restore that building, and that area does warrant a larger SAQ. You've no doubt seen the improvement in the nearby SAQ on St-Denis (near Duluth).

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      They've already put large glass windows along the St-Laurent side where it was boarded up, in the decorative archways (for lack of better description). So it will be nicely restored and much sunnier than most outlets by the look of it. I'd also imagine a building that size has a second floor and/or basement, or else a very high ceiling (maybe open concept 2nd floor). I think they've got a very nice outlet in the works (dare I say, a cathedral of booze, haha).

    2. In other SAQ news the one in the Forum is closing at the end of the month (at least last time I spoke to my fav employee there two weeks ago...) and i believe the one at westmount square is too....

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        Are they opening or expanding one in the area?

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          What he told me was that they were simply closing.... however there had been numerous appeals to keep the Forum location open (one of the largest) but the rent is extremely high.

          Chances are if both close nothing with open... I remember a few years back when the on on masioneuve and metcalfe closed (a very large one) and the one on peel and st cath moved...and nothing opened to take care of the area between stanley and eaton center.

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            Well, at least Westmount will still have at least one SAQ. Parc-Ex has no more, since the closing of the SAQ next to Loblaws, and the earlier closing of the long-standing one on Jean-Talon (corner Stuart?). People there have to travel to Rockland, Jean-Talon Market, Petite-Italie or Jarry/Lajeunesse. And many people in that area don't have cars.

            The outlet next to the Loblaws was far too big for needs, but very handy for people shopping for food next door.

            Jean-Talon Market
            7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

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              + great selection
              + beautiful building
              + underground free and easy parking.

              Oh, how I miss that SAQ...

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                Yes, if that SAQ was too big for local needs (and you are right, including people driving to the Loblaws) they should have kept part of the space and used the rest for other food-centric businesses, complementary to the Loblaws and the SAQ. That SAQ had products not even found at Beaubien Sélection, to say nothing of the small Petite-Italie and JTM SAQs.

                Now it houses throwaway-cheap Joe Fresh clothes.

                Oana, on the other hand I'm glad that building on the Main will be safeguarded and used.

          2. I can`t wait :). I also am glad that beautiful building will finally be used.

            1. Glanced inside the main corner door windows today and realized just how huge the floor space is: 3 to 4 times what they have now. Offhand, I'd say comparable with the SAQ on Maisonneuve near City Councillors. That's not including another section behind a retaining wall (but with an open spot connecting it to the larger area), which you can see through a side doorway that opens onto St-Laurent (near the south end of the building). That alone is at least as big as the current store. It's gonna be impressive when it opens.

              1. just called them,,the current outlet will stay open unti the day of the move

                1. It looks like they are on schedule to open. Unfortunately the multiple blocky modern SAQ signs detract from the look of the building exterior.

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                    Well, they have put up signs that can be seen down both streets. I don't think they're too bad, they could've put some horrible backlit signs facing out from the building.

                    As you say, they're right on schedule, and the floor and shelving space look at least 3, maybe 4 times the size of the current one with considerably more cashes as well. Can't wait!

                  2. This place is awesome, easily 3 times the shelf space of the old one and still empty space here and there. Way more variety in liquor and wine. About time the Plateau got a proper SAQ! (the one at Mont Royal & Papineau is too far out of the way to count)

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                      Not really, it is very much part of the Plateau - that is the area the Michel Tremblay's books about the neighbourhood long before it became trendy were set. But it is a very different part of the district, and not so very far away from Mordechai Richler's books about similar times, as well as to Little Portugal.

                      I haven't been down to the area of the new one recently, but certainly will soon, Do they have any speciality products not found elsewhere?

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                          Well, it's too far for anyone on St Denis, definitely anywhere along the Main, and anywhere near a metro. Therefore, doesn't count in my books :) And I say that as someone who used to have that as my local SAQ - I have no prob admitting I lived on the fringe of the Plateau (& that's why I moved, walking 20 mins in winter just to hit the metro sucks!)