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Antico Pizza good, but....

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So I just tried my first Antico pizza...a very, very good "San Gennaro" with red sweet peppers, Italian sausage and cippolini. I enjoyed it and liked the warehouse atmosphere with soccer on the tv and Luciano singing in the background.

With that said...$25? Really? (I did know this going in). Seems like a lot even if I had shared the tab and split the pizza.
Am I wrong about thinking this is a little overpriced? If I took my family there, we wouldn't get out of there for under $60, most likely without drinks. Too much for pizza I guess. Maybe I wouldn't bring my kids there anyway. Don't think they would appreciate what they are getting (really good cheese pizza for $21).

Seems like a lot to me. Most other places it's cheaper (Varasano's/Baraonda)...are the pizzas smaller? Do they ship the ingredients or something? Are Antico pizzas that much better?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Ate at Antico for the first time this past Saturday and had the Diavaola. Have to say my experience aligned with your's. The pizza was perfectly fine, but I still think I like the flavor of the sauce and the texture of the crust better at Varasano's. And Varasano's is about 25% cheaper. So while I'm glad I went to Antico to see what all the fuss is about, I don't have plans to rush back soon.

    1. As an aside, i think part of the price differential is chewed up if you drink from the BYOB.