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Mar 9, 2011 08:55 AM

ChowFamily's visit to Uinversity of Oregon

We're taking our ChowTeen to tour the Univ of Oregon as a prospective student - any advice on restaurants that would give her a flavor of student life, but not be deafening for her ChowParents? We're from the SF Bay Area and Tucson, so would prefer regional fare over Asian, Mexican, or Southwestern. TIA!

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  1. Are you thinking specifically near the UO? Or anywhere in Eugene? The area around the campus is the usual melange of quick/inexpensive food, with some chain places thrown in. If you venture farther out into Eugene, you'll find more "regional" stuff, although for some strange reason we have A LOT more than our share of Thai restaurants.

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      Hmm...thanks for the tip, JDBear. Maybe we'll just cruise the campus melange for lunch, and then head out for dinner. I'll check the Eugene boards for earlier postings.

    2. Cafe Yumm is very good, for a chain/fast food restaurant. They have several in Eugene, including near campus. BOwls with rice, beans, other veggies, and the mysterious Yumm sauce. Healthy and fairly inexpensive.