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Mar 9, 2011 08:55 AM

Underground supper clubs

I realize this is like asking for secret trail locations on a mountain bike forum, but here goes...

Are there any 'underground supper clubs' in Seattle? I'm talking exclusive invite, unexpected locale, superstar food type stuff. My wife and I enjoy anticipating much more than just the food before a night out. I'm thinking break-down-the carcass-and-grill-it type stuff. Events where the science and technique is freely discussed during prep and consumption. Not food snobbery events, but get-your-hands-dirty cooking and eating parties. Does this exist?

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  1. I've heard it does ... would love to get on the mailing list myself lol

    1. They do happen but the ones I get invited to are small (not more than 8 people) and happen between friends. My recommendation would be to start your own group, you never know what delicious things your friends are hiding from you and may be willing to share in the right environment.

      1. i have heard that there are some around Seattle and the east side. unfortunately i have been unable to get an invite or find out any more information other than that they happen. I'd love to find some as the private supper club thing is very cool and interesting and to me would seem to perfectly fit the Seattle environment.

        1. I know this post is a few months out of date. But I know of a very good private supper club on the Eastside. The size of the parties can be up to 20 people or more. Great food and people, (no snobs) a variety of different food and wine. If you are still interested let me know

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            Interesting you should mention this, I was just wondering if anyone was still doing these. I went some a few years ago but I'd wondered if they were "over" by now, or if they just became more secret, due to health code issues, etc.

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              There are a few around. The one I am taking about is Ivy's club. You can email them at I don't think they have a website yet.

          2. If I told you, the health department would act to protect us and the operators would have to kill me.