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Mar 9, 2011 07:56 AM

Devoured Culinary Classic

Is anyone going to this or have they gone before? Is this event any fun? Seems like tixs are $49 with promo code local

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  1. I'm going Sunday, haven't gone before but heard great things about last year's event!

    Has anyone gone before and have any details on the it unlimited, do you get a certain amount of tickets? Is it different for alcohol vs. food? Just want to make sure to bring cash if I will need to buy extra tickets

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    1. re: AnonymousWaitress

      Unlimited everything. Here is the latest line-up.

      I'm going on Sunday as well and have been for the past four years. The food and wine model has definitely improved since it changed from Devoured from West of Western.

    2. I agree with AZHotDish - I like it much more than when it was West of Western. I'll be going both days this year.

      My report from last year:

      1. It's a great event. Hopefully I make it. Have gone the last 3 years.