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great tilapia recipes?

after overcoming a childhood full of picky eating, i made tilapia for the first time this weekend. family liked it. i baked in the oven with some basic spices - salt, peper, lil garlic & olive oil & it was pretty good, but im looking for some great recipes if anyone has. i should warn that id prefer things that are on the quick/easy side & healthier as well. plus spicy spicy is a-ok with me.


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  1. Tilapia isn't my favorite, but it does make a pretty good fish taco.

    Lightly marinate fish (salt, pepper, lime zest, little bit of oil), pat dry and grill. Stuff into corn or wheat tortilla, top with salsa (a corn or mango salsa is nice), onions, coriander, squeeze a little lime juice. Chew.

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      You beat me to the fish taco.

      We use a spicy marinade on ours, bake it, and then mix it with a bit of light mayo, light sour cream, lime zest and juice, and lots of cilantro. We serve them in corn tortillas, with shredded savoy cabbage. I looked for the recipe I used, Maggie, but it's MIA.

      Tilapia is also a decent fish to use in a spicy, tomato based fish chowder. And, since it is a little bland, it is easily perked up with soy ginger marinades and sauces.

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        I do a basic veracruz style dish with it. Saute some onion, jalapenos, and garlic. Add a can of drained fire roasted diced tomatoes, green olives, and capers. Salt and pepper. Simmer for a bit. Saute your fish, Serve the sauce on top.

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          I make a very similar sauce, but I broil the fish separately. That way husband can have sauce on his fish and I can have sauce on my tofu.

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          You both beat me to the fish taco. I bought some macadamia-crusted tilapia on sale at Whole Foods and baked it. It was amazingly crispy (even though it was pre-breaded, and I think there were bread crumbs or panko mixed in!) and made a fantastic taco. I've got to figure out how to duplicate it.

        3. In a food processor, combine a few handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, a squeeze of lemon, splash of olive oil, salt/pepper/red pepper flakes, and some panko. Pulse till it's combined and the spinach is chopped.

          Spread a thin layer of dijon mustard on each piece of fish. Lightly pack the spinach breadcrumb mixture onto each piece of fish. Bake at 400 degrees till cooked thru.

          1. I also forgot that I have had this fish as ceviche, though I felt it was more there for generic "fish" taste. You can do a couple of things to spruce up the ceviche though (different citrus, chiles, onion etc).

            1. You can make a decent sandwich out of it. In the spirit of Mardi Gras, maybe a totally bastardized po boy. Coat it well with blackening seasoning, salt and pepper and bake in a hot oven until cooked through. Throw on a nice toasted roll with remoulade, tomatoes, red onions.

              I bet it would work as the white fish in a fish curry, too.

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                Kind of ironic, I made tilapia, oyster, and shrimp po' boys last night (I used Old Bay black). Also, made sweet tater chips...easy dinner & yumm.

              2. I have two that my family loves; the parmesan is a particular favorite with my three kids, who normally aren't big fans of fish (well, my one year old will eat anything, but his big sisters are much pickier).

                This pan seared tilapia with chile lime butter from epicurious is really wonderful: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                Then this baked tilapia with parmesan. I add a bunch of panko to the mayonnaise mixture; gives it a nice crunch:

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                  Like the chile lime butter idea. I love to lightly pan fry tilapia and in a separate pan, make a sauce of shallots, fresh jalapenos, chorizo, crawfish and/or bay scallops, a bit of lime zest, chile powder, heavy cream and finish with fresh chopped cilantro....S&P to taste. Mmmmm For the more health conscience, you could use greek yogurt or low-fat sour cream in place of the heavy cream.

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                    I wanted to post the recipe with Chile-Lime Butter but you beat me to it. It is a really tasty dish. Now I must try the baked-parmesan recipe you posted :)

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                      made the chile lime butter last night & it was soo good thanks! i did it in the oven instead & broiled at the end. only thing i would change would be to kick it up with some cayenne/chili pepper & a dash of hot sauce - plus gotta use a lil less butter.

                    2. I buy a can of Progresso Gumbo (preferably the Chicken & Sausage type), add some Frank's Red Hot sauce (to taste, I like quite a lot of it), a tablespoon of butter, and today some red wine cause I had some at hand.

                      I put it in a covered pot, heat it just enough so that the butter melts and it all mixes together, add tilapia (about 3/4 of a pound of it), then put the covered pot in the fridge until I am ready to make dinner. You can add some garbanzos or lima beans if you want more vegetable matter in it.

                      Then when I'm ready to eat I take the pot out of the fridge, put it on low heat, and when it it has simmered for 15 minutes or so it is ready to eat.

                      The tilapia has soaked in the soup/hot sauce for a few hours so it has some flavor to it.

                        1. sprinkle both sides with salt, lemon zest and juice (would have preferred lime, but didn't have any), grated ginger, sliced jalapenos, cilantro and garlic. place on greased baking tray and cover each fillet with about a teaspoon or two of coconut milk, cover with tin foil and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.
                          garnish with fresh cilantro and lemon wedges. serve with rice.

                          i made this for dinner last night. it was a hit!

                          1. Tilapia grills up nicely on a stovetop grill. A grilled tilapia filet will be dry and firm and perfect for a sandwich. It cooks fast too.

                            1. En papilotte with fresh herbs, citrus and butter is lovely.

                              Another way to go is to do a salt crust - nice flavour (not salty as you would expect) and fabulous texture.

                              1. We blacken it, usually in a cast iron skillet outside on the grill.