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Mar 9, 2011 07:29 AM
Discussion and Other Online Gourmet Sites ( ) is a good, interesting site for a smattering of gourmet food products from sweet to savory. In the process, it's got me thinking about online purchasing styles and how people discover new foods. I'm curious how many people order gourmet stuff online consistently. I can't imagine that the household weekly box/bag of cookies comes routinely from one main online source (but I'd love to know if it does!). Also, it's funny, I think I may be more preemptively critical or cynical, so I probably would never buy something new without having heard about it somewhere first from a trusted source. Are others that way? Or, do you browse for new items/goods, and thrive on being the maverick? I actually have a storefront on Foodzie myself. I'm always surprised when I get orders from across the country, or in remote towns, and while grateful and honored, think - "how the heck did you get to our page?" Just curious how you come by other new goodies you order online!

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  1. the ony thing i consistently order online is i send steak gift packs from to family across the country...
    and i found them by googling ..i was looking for something better than omaha...and something the people would appreciate...
    as far as anything for myself...not really...i can usually get most anything i want locally...

    1. I recently found a new site that also shows gourmet food, but in a limited-offer style.

      They say their goal is to help people discover interseting new foods.

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        what a great site... thanks for the tip!

      2. The DailyGourmet looks great - thanks for the tip Joe! My fav site is Fooducopia ( ). I do order pretty regularly, and I like to try something different each time. That's sometimes hard to do though when you become addicted to a certain product! I love artisan products and the real ingredients they use. No processed garbage! Good luck with your product Emme - what do you produce?