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Mar 9, 2011 07:19 AM

Le Languedoc, Nantucket

Any reviews or information? I noticed it last year, but haven't really seen any opinions on this board about it.

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  1. The original owners were from the Languedoc region of France, hence the name. The current owners bought the business in 1979 (??). The food is very good! It is French-inspired, and sometimes has authentic French dishes: frog's legs, escargots, etc. Excellent seafood: lobster, fish (can be striped bass in season, cod, flounder, etc.). They get their fish from Chatham Fish. Great braised clams, too. The downstairs bistro is "the place to see and be seen" and has a draconian reservation system: they will take a rez over the phone for 5:30-6:00, but anything after that, you have to show up in person and leave your name and they'll tell you when to come back. Black-Eyed Susan's has the same thing. Languedoc Bistro only has 8 tables: 4 deuces, 1 4-top, 1 3-top, and 1 4-6-top. Many eat at the bar. they have a great $15 burger, too. Eating outside on the patio in the summer is nice. It's not inexpensive, but nothing on Nantucket is.

    Black-Eyed Susan's
    10 India St, Nantucket, MA 02554

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      Thank you!
      I remember reading the menu outside last year and it looked good, but nothing else about it (except whether or not they served lunch.)
      I will plan on it my next trip.

    2. OMG! In 1969-70, my wife and I lived in an apartment just off Beacon St. in Boston, right across the street from Le Languedoc. We ate there all the time and loved it. I was aware that they had moved to Nantucket, sometime in the 70's but don't recall exactly when. Since we've never been to the island, we obviously have not tried it again, but just the name brings back fond memories.

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        The original owners' name was Marti. changes from year to year whether or not they serve lunch. Lunch is a crap shoot on Nantucket (from a business standpoint): if it's a nice beach day, cue the crickets. It's beyond dead. If it's a crappy day, it's insane and that skeleton staff/newbies/interns who get the lunch shift in the kitchen are slammed and overwhelmed. We'll see what they decide for this season.

      2. This restaurant is among the island's best. They serve a superb signature baked stuffed lobster, classic and very well done lobster bisque, fabulous roast chicken, terrific sweetbreads, and more! To shave costs, try their bar menu -- if you can find a seat!

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          Nice to hear they're still good. My wife recalls them moving to Nantucket in 1970, very soon after we moved out of Boston. When they were in the city, it was byob. Dinner for 2 averaged around $10.00! (But then, my first year teacher salary was $6700). One of their specialties back then was lamb kidneys. Wonder of they're still making that?