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Mar 9, 2011 07:03 AM

Live Crawfish prices???????

Every year it seems like the same story.....

The news report says it will be a bad year for crawfish and prices will be high.

Then, eventually in April or May they get reasonable.

Anyhow, have you all been boiling so far? What kinds of prices are you seeing on live crawfish?

Last time I checked Rouses was at 2.88 per pound for live. Too high for me yet but wa curious to see to what others are seeing out there.

I need to boil at the end of March for a party and I hope they at least get under 2.50 by then!

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  1. A friend told me yesterday they paid $2.89/lb but I did not ask where...they wwere not verey big and I calculated to myself that I would wait for April. I should be in Acadiana in the next couple of weeks and will see how it is running there.

    1. I got three sacks at Capt. Sid's in Bucktown on Sunday for $2.50 a pound. Not bad, I thought, considering I'd called around a week earlier and found the average around $3.60.

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      1. re: Shiloh

        Anyone got current prices on live?

        1. re: mcegielski

          We called around late yesterday and got a sack of very small crawfish from C&A on Jeff Davis for $3.09 - it was supposedly the last sack...

          When we called around on Saturday to check prices we found that Metairie/Jefferson prices were closer to $2.80 and K-Jeans on Carollton quoted us a ridiculous $3.75

      2. Talked to one of the Huval clan on Sunday..he said the pond stuff, which is mostly small, is what's carrying the load right now and that basin crawfish are almost non-existent. He said he is waiting for another three weeks. My other main spy, whose brother farms them, has not reported yet: I take this as a gloomy sign that he has not Good News to relate.

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        1. re: hazelhurst

          i am paying 2.75 a pound for live................
          i just commited to 4 sacks from amndeville seafood.

          it is rough but i said months ago we woul dhave a crawfish party for my wife's 40th and I figured by end or March prices would be soemwhat reasonable but I was wrong!

          to think I boiled on mardi gras day in 2008 and 2009...........

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            Restaurant depot had them for 2.25 per pound but i did not see them and i did not find out if they were Louisiana crawfish.

        2. I called around a bit today and thought it would be nice to share the following. This was for 160 pounds but I dont think you actually get any kind of discount as the amount you buy goes up. i think the price per pound is the price per pound no matter how much you get.

          Restaurant Depot in Mid-City $1.97/lb (this place requires membership which I think just about anyone can get so long as you have a business tax ID number)
          Captain Sids in Bucktown $2.15/b cash
          Schaefers Seafood in Bucktown $2.10/lb cash
          Deannies in Bucktown $2.29 lb

          I'm going with Schaefers bc I've always appreciated their quality and I like supporting the mom and pop.

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            restaurant depot was 1.69 this weekend.