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Mar 9, 2011 06:44 AM

ten fidy

Oskar Blues Ten FIDY - just tried it for the first time - it is pure deliciousness!
not a beer i should drink more than one of but great!
it's def on the expensive side and sockingly in a can and very high in alcohol and pours like motor oil but this would be the best dessert ever!

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  1. I was shocked last week when I saw the sticker on the Gubna IPA and even the Dales Pale! I think they'll price themselves out of the market. I can order Maui Coconut Porter from a Cal distributor and pay only a tad more with shipping.

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    1. re: crewsweeper

      Not really comparable, though. Ten Fidy is around 11% ABV, and is a massive imperial stout. Maui Coconut Porter is much lighter, and really doesn't taste all that great either.

      1. re: crewsweeper

        Ten Fidy and Gubna aren't particularly expensive relative to other beers of their styles. How many imperial stouts or imperial IPAs can you buy for less than those?

        1. re: lavaca

          Ten/Gubna are around 14.99 a 4 pack ( I know you can find it cheaper and more expensive depending on what part of the country you are in). That roughly comes out to around 7.50 a bomber.

          Imperial Stouts, the only cheaper ones I can think of would be Old Rasputain and Stone RIS.

          7.50 a bomber is on par with a lot of the other Imperial Stouts. Yeti is around this price point.

          The best Imperial for the money has to go to Old Rasputain.

          1. re: burntwater

            I think it was slightly cheaper than that when I bought a single can of Ten FIDY in Whole Foods in Portland. It has to be one of the best value imperial stouts I had bought, at around $3 for a can.

            Not disagreeing that Old Rasputin is a great value though, because it certainly is. Another value imperial stout is Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

            1. re: kwjd

              Oskar Blues discontinued distribution in Nevada because they couldn't keep up with the demand. They are out of Colorado?

              Agreed on the Old Rasputin,

              Stone RIS comes out May 2nd... can't wait!

      2. Keep Ten Fidy RIS in the fridge - appreciate the cans as they can be stowed much easier - love this beer for that it is. Had it on tap at A-Frame in Los Angeles and I didn't want to leave this place...

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          One should, of course, always enjoy any beer the way one likes it best...

          but really, seems to me that drinking TenFidy and similar beers any colder than 55° or 60°F means missing out on a lot of great flavor.

          1. re: The Professor

            I keep on the top shelf of the fridge and set it out for about 15 minutes before opening. It's probably more like 50 degrees by the time I pour and let it sit for another couple of minutes before enjoying it...

        2. I had my first Ten Fidy on tap at a relatively new place in Austin called Barley Swine. I agree that it's "pure deliciousness". I had it as an after dinner beer and would agree that the best way to go.