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Mar 9, 2011 04:04 AM

Meatloaf in Fairfield County?

Not referring to the singer Meatloaf, or Mr. Loaf as he is called in the local newspapers (he used to live in Redding, CT).

Referring instead to actual meatloaf, delicious comfort food, soft, juicy, flavorful.

I went to Three Brothers Diner in Danbury the other day, had a craving for meatloaf and ordered it. Dreadful beyond words. Dry, tough, obviously reheated. Sent it back and got a BLT instead.

So where in the Fairfield County area or nearby can one get good delicious meatloaf, not reheated dreck? Upscale or lowscale works for me.

I should add I can and do make my own meatloaf, but my husband is not a fan of the genre so it is a treat I would like to enjoy occasionally when we dine out.

Thanks for any tips.

Three Brothers Diner Restaurant
242 White St, Danbury, CT 06810

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  1. Have you tried the meatloaf at S&S Dugout in Southport? I haven't, but everything else I have had there has been EXCELLENT (and if you haven't been there before, don't judge this book by the cover! The food is MUCH better than the appearance might lead you to believe). I have had the meatloaf at The Bridge House in the Devon section of Milford, about 1/2 mile into New Haven county, and it is excellent, if a little pricey, for such a humble dish.

    Bridge House Restaurant
    49 Bridgeport Ave, Milford, CT 06460

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      Share applause for S&S (and not just because they are a Yankee stronghold on the cusp of Sox territory). In addition to old fashioned meat loaf (served either cold or with hot gravy) -- they are famous for their fresh sliced RB's. My only quibble with the sandwich is that the meat is still cool from refigeration, and at room temperature roast beef becomes more flavorable. ( But you can't leave a roast sitting on the counter.)

      A bit of a haul from Danbury, but if you're travelling on 95, rite off Exit 6, you might try City Limits Diner. Rather than a three meat meat loaf ( beef, pork and veal) theirs is strictly veal with a fantastic gravy over creamy mashed. The epitome of comfort food. But ab out 10 dollars more than S&S.

      CL is 180 degrees from SS.. City is modern gourmet diner retro. Clean as a whistle. While S&S is old school old. Their toot a bit tattered.

      Both have their place.

    2. Orem's in Wilton - haven't been in a while, but have enjoyed their "loaf" in the near past.