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Mar 9, 2011 02:17 AM

Something different in Central London

Greetings fellow masticators! A motley crew of about 10 will be hitting London this July for my (naturally) gifted and attractive daughter's graduation. Now I cant afford to hit the very high spots with ten in tow. Recommendations along the eclectic/seafood/brasserie lines would be massively appreciated to ensure that this is night to remember - or not, depending on how much the wine costs........

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  1. what sort of prices are you thinking? ive had good meals @ great queen st when i have a big group of friends, esp because you can get things like a whole shoulder of lamb to share

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      Thanks for your thoughts - am imagining somewhere up to £25 - £30 per head tops - for food - alcohol extra but always prefer somewhere with a reasonable wine list...

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        yeah i think that would be fine for great queen street, unfortunately they dont seem to have a website anywhere tho (and i dont know enough abt wine to comment on their wine list)

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          They have a good, extensive (Old World-centric) wine list, pretty reasonable prices I would say. Also do quite a lot of the wines in carafes

    2. Another spot is Deux Salons. I think someone once mentioned here that they have a private dining room. They also do an early pre-fixe dinner which is only about £15 or so for three courses.

      1. what about the disappearing dining club? it's a one-table restaurant for up to ten people - set menu, you choose what price wine you want and verything is fairly manageable.

        it's by old st tube and would be a bit different.

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