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Mar 8, 2011 10:44 PM

Best Dish served by a Food Truck

I'll nominate

Pork buns from @SakayaKitchen's dim ssam a go go &
Cracklin' duck sandwich from @ sakayakitchen

Mo’ Better Burger from @ gastroPod
6 oz patty ground fresh short rib, brisket & sirloin
+ poached egg, slaw & gPod sauce

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  1. Yellow Burger @Yellow Submarine
    Bulgogi Burger@ Sakaya Kitchen
    Jerk Chicken sandwich @ The Rolling Stove
    Crabby Cheese Melt @Ms.Cheezious
    Short Rib Sandwich @ Slow Food Truck
    Goat Cheese Pudding @ Sugar Rush

    1. Sorry this is slightly off topic but how do you know where and when to find these trucks? I've wanted to try them for a while but never know where they are. Thanks for the help!

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      1. re: IDGuofM

        Burger Beast does a good job of tracking them here ->

        I follow most of them using this twitter list ->

        1. re: IDGuofM

          About a dozen or more trucks will be at the Arsht Center on Friday March 18th for lunch. Street Food Fridays: or

        2. Best dish overall: jefes fish taco
          Best menu: dim ssam a go go and the genuine kitchen (if you count that as a truck)