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Mar 8, 2011 08:41 PM


any restaurant recommendations in the area? actually looking for good sushi, good chinese, italian, steak house, deli, bagel shop, coffee shop, bakery etc :) yes I need to find my way around town and don't know where to begin- I dont see many options :(

Any recommendations are appreciated

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  1. I'm afraid you are right about your options. There's really not very much in your area. In Chester,Thai Kitchen in the strip mall on 206S (you can't see it from the street) is OK. The only Italian in Chester that I know of is Benito's trattoria in the center, again, you can't see it from the street. Both of these are BYO's. There's an Italian deli in the center - I haven't been in there for ages. The deli counter in Shop-Rite has a pretty good array of things. Beyond that, you'll probably have to head either towards Hackettstown or Morristown.

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        Like others have said there really aren't that many dining options in Long Valley, but that also goes for shopping and entertainment. Be willing to drive to Chester, Mendham, Hackettstown, Morristown, Tewksbury, etc for more options and accept that you may have to drive 45 min. But there are also some great things about the area. The farm stands where you can get fresh produce in season (corn, tomatoes, cidar etc.), the many pizza places (pizza, sandwiches, Italian), and large enough yards to plant your own garden.

    1. Yes, there is a dearth ... Bite the bullet, go up Schooleys Mountain to Pandam Room-- it is spectacular. Chef Jai is, in my opinion , the most creative & accomplished Asian/Pacific chef I have ever encountered. Trust me-- you will like tghis place & it is worth the hike...James

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      1. Publick House has a decent burger and a couple of well-priced steak entrees.

        Even better is Redwoods Grill, with a wood-fired grill and some really excellent steaks and burgers. Pork chops and lamb chops are very good as well.

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          I saw a posting about Publick house.also about a place called Sublime? I guess I should have checked this out before allowing him to buy a house in the area LOL

        2. Well, you are moving to one of the most beautiful areas in New Jersey but the Long Valley/Chester area is indeed a vast wasteland when it comes to good restaurants. People there simply drive to nearby towns that have good - and some great - restaurants. It is what it is.

          For casual dining in Long Valley you should check out the brewpub there. I believe it was the first brewpub in New Jersey and it's worth a visit. There is also another restaurant right next door but its name escapes me.

          Mendham used to have a couple of places but I haven't been there in years so hesitate to recommend anything. Perhaps someone else will comment.

          Your best bet may be the Peapack-Gladstone area, which is not far away. Sublime has received mixed comments on this board but recently got a pretty good review in the New York Times. You can read the review on Sublime's website. Cafe Azzurro is a solid Italian place, and just up the street is a very good pastry shop called CocoLuxe. It's not my favorite pastry shop but it's very good. The Gladstone Tavern is a popular haunt of the horsey set but I find it to be too noisy for dinner. Lunch is OK. And of course there's a "little place" called Ninety Acres that has received a lot of attention since it opened a couple of years ago.

          You can also drive over to Bernardsville which has many good restaurants. Just do a search and you'll pull up most of them.

          And finally, though it's not a restaurant, you should definitely visit the Valley Shepherd Creamery, just south of Long Valley. They have wonderful artisanal cheeses that you'll also find in many upscale NJ and NYC restaurants.

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            fantastic! Thank you so much and regarding your last recommendation- i am addicted to cheese- DEFINITELY hitting that up!!!

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              You would really call Sublime's New York Times review "pretty good"?

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                <For casual dining in Long Valley you should check out the brewpub there. I believe it was the first brewpub in New Jersey and it's worth a visit. There is also another restaurant right next door but its name escapes me.>

                Splash? A seafood restaurant?

              2. I am surprised no one has mentioned Sammy's in Mendham. Great food, although the place itself is a bit "quirky" I always enjoy their steaks and seafood. I also love Formosa in Chester, IMHO the best Chinese food in the area and good sushi. The bagel shop that is in the same strip mall as Formosa, sorry I cannot remember the name, is pretty good, and the butcher (Chester Meats) is excellent. Most of the other places in Chester are meh. I definitely stay away from all those in the "downtown" village area of Chester. Way overpriced for mediocre at best food, they seem to cater to the tourist crowd who come to the antique shops.

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                  thank you for your input,,,definitely need all those recommendations- definitely checking out the butcher