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Mar 8, 2011 08:34 PM

Lunch near Sagrada Familia? (Barcelona)

I'm not coming up with much in terms of lunch places near Sagrada Familia. Only Alkimia--which will be closed when we are there over Easter--and besides I don't think we'd want a long multi-course meal at lunch. We'll be there during the week, so La Paradeta, which I've seen mentioned, is out too. Any decent tapas places nearby? Other ideas?

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  1. Bar Mut is not far from there. We walked in to take a look and I was impressed. It is elegant, but has bar seating and you can do a few raciones.

    Did not eat there, though. Book ahead if you do go for lunch.

    1. Restaurante Sant-Joan is nearby. The food is Catalan and Spanish home-style cooking. It's nothing fancy, but almost everything is made in house from scratch and the cooking is solid. The menu changes depending on what's available, but they try to have something for all tastes. You can search this board for more impressions on the place.

      Since you'll be there during Semana Santa, you might want to check if they're open before heading there.

      Sant Joan
      Passeig Sant Joan, 65, 08009 Barcelona
      +34 932 65 71 80

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        We went to Sant Joan today. We called before to see what time they closed (4 pm) and asked if there was a lineup. When we arrived, one of the waiter looked at us strangely and asked if we spoke Spanish. We said no but we heard great things about the place and were willing to try anything. I guess they were surprised to see a Chinese couple show up and we didn't see any tourist. The restaurant was full of locals, which is a good sign. The menu is in Catalan on the wall, but you can use google translate. The elder waiter spoke great English and suggested we try cod and fried artichoke. Wow, it was sooo good and fresh, mushroom was juicy, cod was moist, potato was sweet, it's home cooked food at its best. It's not salty or heavy with sauces. We also had a bottle of white wine (5 euros only). We should have ordered water instead since it was a bit much for lunch and everyone was having water. The total came to 39 euros, and we left a tip since staff came by a few times to check on us. We were very full at the end. We didn't order dessert. It's not hard to find the restaurant, get off at metro Tetuan and it's a 5 mins walk. It's a good place to eat and then go to Sagrada Familia.

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          Fried artichoke and cod @ Sant Joan

        2. Can Josep, c/ Roger de Flor 237 (nr Corsega, 5 blks from la SF). Traditional Catalan food. I haven't been there yet but look forward to it this summer.

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            thanks all, I'll take a look at these suggestions.

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              We are going to Barcelona next month...did you find a good eating place by Sagrada Familia?

              Thank you!

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                We had a very nice tasting menu lunch at Manairo. Modern Catalan.

                Other names on our short list included Libentia (bistronomic operated by several young chefs from established restaurants) for modern Catalan and Cal Xim for rustic Catalan. The original Cal Xim is in the hills of Sant Pau d'Ordal (Penedes). The website is not working tonight, so instead I'll give a link to a review by 60by80 and pictures of the original Cal Xim.

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                  You should try Caldeni (, just around the corner from La Sagrada Familia. It's off the tourist trail and is generally full of locals. Chef Danu Lechuga is the author of a book about meat cooking and has won various awards. It's very high quality, ingredient-led cooking, executed by a talented chef. The meat is as good as you'll get in Barcelona but don't feel like you have to just choose that. Apart from some pleasant but unimaginative desserts, everything there is commendable. You MUST book. It's tiny and always full.