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Mar 8, 2011 05:06 PM

Mozza2Go -- 30% Off Lunch or Dinner

Blackboard Eats is selling passcodes for 30% off lunch/dinner at Mozza2Go for $1.00. Offer good for only delivery or takeout. Discount limited to maximum order of $100. Passcode expires June 4, 2011.

6610 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles
(323) 297-1130

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  1. Hero. You are my hero today.

    1. already got mine. ant must haves?

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      1. re: ns1

        The porchetta sandwich lives up to the hype. great taste, amazing crunchy skin, and you'll even find yourself eating the fat. must eat. it's why i got the discount!

        1. re: ns1

          Must have? Order one of the pizzas and get the Butterscotch Budino for dessert.