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Mar 8, 2011 04:46 PM

Wanted: Over oven built-in Convection Oven (not microwave)

I know there are a preponderance of above-oven convection microwave ovens. I do not wish to have a microwave. I have been reading they deleteriously change food. This could be completely wrong information, but I am willing to believe.
Anyway, what I want is a built-in convection oven over my regular oven. Do they make such a thing? Or less desirable is a convection/ microwave that allows one to choose convection only. Does such a thing exist? I thank you for clearing this up for me.

Do you have any specific recommendations if either of the two scenarios exist?

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  1. Many many ovens now are convection. You can mount them in the wall or under the counter. The next oven I buy will be convection. There is really no need to have one that isn't. One way to search is to go to AJ Madison's website, and choose ovens, and on the left of the screen where is says "Convection" click "yes."

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      I looked on AJ Madison and under "convection" is just lists "microwave convection." I just want "convection." Is it possible?

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        Yes, choose Cookware > Ovens and then, halfway down on the left, there is a section for oven features in yellow. Under Convection click yes. There are 221 of them listed.

        For example, the KitchenAid Architect has the convection feature: . The description reads, "30" Single Electric Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection System & Glass-Touch Oven Display."

    2. I have a Sharp M.W. convection oven, I am able to convection bake only with it. I believe most of the conv. M.W. ovens work this way.

      1. People do make 1.5 ovens and half ovens. They just don't sell them to the US for some reason.

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          Ditto. Ditto. Why oh why oh why????

        2. Depending on the cook applying heat to food can deleteriously change it.

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            Studies with microwaved broccoli and carrots revealed the molecular structures of nutrients were deformed to the point of destroying cell walls, while the cell structures stayed intact after conventional cooking. There have been few studies since.

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              You can double stack a full sized convection over, or under a full sized standard unit.. See double oven specs. from the manufacturer.

          2. I have an above oven microwave that is also a convection oven. You take out the spinning glass tray and insert an oven rack. Really handy when having a party.

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            1. re: Rick

              Hi Rick,

              What brand of oven did you buy?

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                I'm not at home to double check, but I'm almost certain this is the same model: