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Mar 8, 2011 04:14 PM

Dining in Phoenix [moved from SF Bay]

Help! I'm in Phoenix, AZ for a few days and can't find anywhere good to eat. Anybody been here recently and know any good places?


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  1. I bet us Phoenix chowhounds can help if you want to search on our board or tell us what you're looking for and where you're staying!

    1. And, if you will mention some of the SF-Area restaurants, that impress you, many can find similar in the Valley of the Sun.

      It would also be most helpful, to know where in PHX you will be, and if you will have an auto. Imagine an area from about San Jose to Cloverdale, with Oakland and San Mateo folded in - about 500 Sq. miles. Knowing where you will be, and if you can drive, will be most helpful.

      Also, are you currently in PHX, and if so, where have you dined, that was so unrewarding?

      Good luck,