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Mar 8, 2011 02:50 PM

El Toro, Fresno

Anyone had this restaurant cater for a small group in your home or backyard? By small, I mean 15-20.

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  1. Last count there were three El Toros in town, iirc, are you referring to the one on Cedar north of Shields? Sorry, no experience with their menu other than the fish tacos.

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    1. re: PolarBear

      Yes, the Cedar one. I know their food, was just wondering about the catering. I thought the other one was "Tambien". Thanks anyhow...

    2. Yesterday's paper reported that the El Toro Cafe (NE Cedar & Shields) "will reopen any day." The general manager is purchasing it from his father who is retiring and they're waiting for escrow to close. El Toro Tambien (NE Bullard & West) previously owned by different folks from the same family as ETC, will reopen sometime around Dec. 1, after some remodeling as a second location of Casa Corona (NE Herndon & Cedar). They reported that most of the 18 member staff at ETC will be returning. Good news for the 'burg.

      Casa Corona
      7044 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93720

      El Toro Tambien
      1724 W Bullard Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

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      1. re: PolarBear

        My son and I had the pleasure of our special #3 on Sunday evening at El Toro Cafe . El Toro is back and they didn't miss a step in their reopening. The food is not only as good but I have to say better. The salsa had a little more Zip and we loved it! Yum!

        1. re: Jeff Avis

          Thanks a 1.0 * 10^6, Jeff. I know where I'm having fish tacos for lunch today.

          1. re: PolarBear

            Polar Bear, I am interested in knowing whether or not the white sauce was offered with the fish tacos? The sauce had been eliminated as of our last visit to El Toro. Hopefully it's back! Happy Halloween!

            1. re: Jeff Avis

              Short answer, YES.

              Before the closure the (now) owner told me that the lady that had made if for them all the years had retired and wouldn't share the recipe, so they set out to try and duplicate it. They had their own version shortly before they went dark, and it was quite good, I think even a little better, seems to have a little tang to it.

              Had it with my two fish tacos last week and all's right with the world (at least inside ETC), it perfectly compliments their kicked up salsa. Hope you like the new version as much as I do.



              1. re: PolarBear

                Well that's good to hear ! Fish tacos it is next visit! Thanks P.B. !!