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Mar 8, 2011 02:37 PM

Francesinha - where can I find the best?

Since my trip to Porto, Portugal this last December, I am on the hunt for another francesinha, the wonderful specialty from Porto which might loosely be called a sandwich. I'm willing to travel to Newark or wherever. I'd like to invite some friends and co-workers for an evening out, so a place that is jovial and appealing would be great. If they have Bock, even better, but the francesinha is the key.

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  1. There is a cafe on Ferry St.(between Monroe and Madison) in Newark called La Moda. I have noticed a large LED banner sign in the window advertising francesinha. Looks like a bunch of older local men sitting along a bar watching football and such, mainly open daytimes. I'm usually looking for other sorts of Portuguese food in the area, so give a report if you visit.