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Mar 8, 2011 02:14 PM

Anyone Know the History of Gaillard Copperware?

I am an American cook who loves French copper cookware, and the best I've ever seen bears the mark "Gaillard".

Does anyone here have any information to share about the company or its wares? I assume it is no longer in business, but any information or links would still be appreciated.


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  1. The town of Villedieu-les-Poeles in Normandy is the leading town of copper artisans in France. You might call or email the OT for this type of information...

    The Villedieu-les-Poêles Tourist Office
    Leader of the projet "Pôle d’Excellence Métiers d’art" : Suzanne Noël


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    1. Maholo, Kaleokahu
      Yep, Gaillard is the best of the old tin lined stuff I've run across. I recently bought a potato steamer on eBay that bears the Gaillard marque. It is so much nicer than what Mauviel is making today. I've a few others of the old Gaillard pieces, some so abused, I don't use them for cooking, but have found other uses
      for them. Lovely!

      1. I do not have any info to offer you on Gaillard, but you seem to know a lot and I was wondering what you thought of Peter Brux and J. Jacquotot.



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          Several (more than 2) sellers on Ebay think highly of Peter Brux (but claim limited knowledge-I think it's thought to be Belgian}.

          J. Jacquotot as well (of which there is plenty of history available). Gaillard also considered consistently the best.

          The difference being primarily the weight or thickness of the copper, fit and finish- even within brands.

          Mauviel at times seemed equal to the best in quality and thickness
          But now it seems they push their thin, tho still well made copper on the public. I think this dilutes the brand, except most modern buyers know them for stainless clad pans.

          There were so many good copper pans coming from England, Belgium, and France and Italy.

          1. re: alexrander

            Peter Brux is Belgian. Little is known about it even by people I know who I feel like know everything about copper. With Mauviel, I believe it is the new generation of the Mauviel family that took over that introduced the 1.5mm line.

            1. re: greyhound420933

              "Peter Brux" Even his name evokes a "Twice Told Tales" mystery like Washington Irving's "Rip Van Winkle".