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Mar 8, 2011 02:04 PM

Salt: Where do you keep yours?

I keep mine on the counter in a Staub mini cocotte.

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  1. Drat, being a collector is annoying at times. l collect salt and have over 80 different ones from all over the world. Three or four at least are out on the counter at most times kept in old ground glass jars, old mustard jars, and a small salt pottery thing from Brittany in the shape of a boat. Also have a collection of wooden boxes, quite small, which are used to schlep quite pomposely to restaurants, where l drag out my Slovenian Fleur de Sel or whatever. It is tough even for me not to think my collecting is not ridiculous

    1. OK, I'm not nearly as bad as Delucacheesemonger, but I do seem to have a variety of salts.

      I keep table salt in a salt pig beside the stove for easy seasoning during cooking and measuring during baking.

      The kosher salt is in the cupboard with my variety of finishing salts - only 9, I think.

      Oh, and I stocked up just before we found that we both had to go on low-sodium diets. So we gave away the bacon salts!

      1. I use large holed glass shakers for the Kosher salt, a big one next to the stove, a small one next to the salad area and a small one on the table. Regular iodized salt is in a drawer by the stove--it gets used when boiling pasta or potatoes.

        1. Kosher salt, twist top, varying hole sizes

          Sea salt in grinder

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            Kosher - a small wide mouth jar that I can pinch from.

          2. Kosher salt in a plastic tub with a screw on lid, upper cabinet next to the stove.